Tuesday, September 09, 2008

sj: oversharing since 2005.

i have a list of confessions for you today. because it's rainy and i am tired and stayed up until 11:30 last night making cupcakes for work (but dude. they came out *perfectly*. like little hostess cupcakes, and i mastered the filling without using an airgun.)

and they're not the juiciest confessions, but they are, in essence, little pieces of me that i'm sharing with you, because you got here, so you must care, right? wait. where are you going? come on now. i've already shared with you too much - like the time i nearly went braless, or the time i went pantyless?

i'm going to share even *more* now. although perhaps nothing as embarrassing as those little gems.

so. now for the following little known facts about me. there's not much more to know about me after this list, and my profile, however. so i realize i run the risk of running out of things to blog about. good thing i keep hurting myself.

1) we all know i love animals. i had a sheep as a pet, and several bunnies, and now a dog. but my sensitivity may perhaps be too much. i once had to pull over on the side of the road after hitting a bird. i cried. seriously. ask my friend bill, who i was on the phone with at the time. (and who thinks i am, justifiably, a freak.

2) i played this game as a child where i really thought that i could telepathically communicate with birds. srg knows all about this. she was totally in my game. her name was bunny, and mine was trixie. these were the nicknames given to us by our second grade class photographer (you know? the dude that takes the pictures.)

3) i had a huge crush - huge - on one of my friends' ex-boyfriends. but shh. i'll never tell you who or which one or any other details. i just had to share. he wasn't my type in *any* aspect, but still. i was in love with him. (and now? i have no idea what i was thinking. but there was a time when i would have made some very bad decisions....)

4) the first concert i ever saw was Barry Manilow. and i still dig that shizzle. i love him. and i'd go see him again.

5) when i'm really, really trashed, i sometimes speak with a bad British accent. Sorry, Molly. i mean no disrespect to your country.

6) i own the Debbie Gibson greatest hits CD. and secretly listen to it all the time. and i know every single word to Foolish Beat.

so go ahead. get your guilty secrets out there. you know you want to.

current itunes song: "fair" by remy zero


Bryan said...

my guess is you have far more embarrassing 'confessions'

let me know when that post is coming. thanks!

i still enjoyed this one though

Anonymous said...

Don't all Americans speak with a bad British accent whenever they try to do one, drunk or not?!

I have a confession: I went to see Kid Creole and the Coconuts when I was a teenager and loved it!

Stephanie said...

Perhaps not as naughty as one would have hoped, but still good;)

FunnyGal KAT said...

Forget being able to communicate with birds, you have an innate ability to sense sex. I will never forget the time I was, uh, "entertaining" a man and SJ called. I said "Hello?" and she said, "Hell-- ohmygod, you're in bed with someone, aren't you!?!?" Freaky stuff.

And I should probably mention this happened well before the Pretend Husband came into the picture. It's not like it was last week or anything.

sj said...

OMG! i had totally forgotten about that.

incidentally, i inherited that from my parents, who have that same gift -- and back when we used to have sex every saturday at 5 p.m. (we've changed it up since then), there my parents would be!

bryan - you must keep in mind that my sisters and my mom read this blog. i'm limited to what i can freely divulge.

stephanie - i don't what you're talking about. i've never done a naughty thing in my life. (see above re: family.)

molly - okay, maybe you're right. and there's nothing wrong with a little um.. i have no idea who that is, i confess.

SouthernBelle said...

Re: the love of animals... here is a link to the pet food commercial that made me get a (shelter rescue) dog.


I literally cried every time it was on TV and I can't really even watch it now without a twinge.

Burg said...

Barry Manilow?? Really?? How much would you like it if he remade "Foolish Beat?" LOL

Judging by the above comments about your "gift," I must never, ever give you my phone number.

Ben said...

If anyone wants some naughty SJ stories... hmmmm... [snicker].

Srg said...

Debbie Gibson rocks!!! (I still listen to the cassettes I had from grade school...amazing the tape hasn't broken yet.)

And yes, I do remember communicating with the birds...and flapping our ponchos around in the school yard during recess pretending we could fly!

And now I'm dying to know who you had a crush on. Maybe you could tell me who the friend was... Just thought I'd try!

sj said...

i shan't tell.

but as i told ben (seriously. not fair for ex-boyfriends to divulge details!), only i can go from -- well i described it differently -- but let's just say from being in love with val kilmer to lusting after kevin smith.

Anonymous said...

This is great because I always used to believe I could communicate telepathically with kittens. In fact, I still do. They all are saying, "Adopt me. I'm cute."

Andy said...

Why's Barry get such a bad rap? The ladies love him. He can sing....Justin Timberlake does the same thing, and people adore him. Well, there is that whole bringing sexy back thing...

SouthernBelle said...

Hi Miss Twin, I just added a link to here on my blog : )