Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm an aunt (subtitle: how to make my sister giving birth all about me...)

Edited to add: Photos of my handsome little nephew are now up over at his very own blog!

You know you're related to a journalist when you wait for a slow news day to be born! I was sitting around this morning thinking about how I had nothing to post about and plotting how make SJ break something or show up to work without some piece of clothing in order to have something people will read about (admit it, those are the two main reasons you keep reading, right?). But, luckily, KAT's lil sis stepped up to the plate (the plate being the hospital) and hit one out of the park (i.e. gave birth).

Enough with the football analogies, though. I'm an aunt! Little Peyton Mathew was born this afternoon at a healthy 8 pounds, 8 ounces and what little details I know can be found at his very own blog.

I knew I wasn't going to be able to be in Florida for Peyton's birth, but it was harder than I thought to sit around waiting for his arrival once lil sis called to say she was in labor. I think the Pretend Husband could tell it was difficult because the first thing he said when I called to tell him about lil sis' call was, "Do not go to the airport."

So I didn't fly down for his first few hours, but this aunt promises she will be down within the first few weeks (let's hear it for being laid off! woot! woot!) and will not leave until she makes Peyton laugh.


sj said...


congratulations! i *love* being an aunt. the babies are so cute and you can give them back at the end of the day and your sister *has* to take them!

and. that he's named after the adorable football player. makes. me. lauuughhhh!!!!!

Molly said...

Congratulations Auntie KAT, that is awesome news!!!!

My word verification is "tcavpl" which if you look at it quickly looks like "travel" which I take as a sign that you should get your arse down to Florida asap!!!

Mommy said...

YEA - I lurve the name Peyton.

Peyton Manning is on my fab five list.

hautepocket said...

Aww, congratulations! (To you AND the lil sister, of course!)

Scott said...

Congratulations! I love his name too!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations! What a cute name. Waiting impatiently for pictures!

sj said...

i had to reread this before i realized how damned funny this is:

"But, luckily, KAT's lil sis stepped up to the plate (the plate being the hospital) and hit one out of the park (i.e. gave birth).

Enough with the football analogies,"...

did the PH know you wrote that?!

Bryan said...

football analogies (shakes head) ... chicks

well thats so nice of you to make the day about you. new parents love it almost as much as brides love it when women show up at the wedding with their cans hanging out.

oh yeah, Congrats!!!

jal12771 said...

Congrats to lil sis.. and to KAT on becoming an Aunt. Auntie SJ can provide plenty of points.... she is a great aunt... one word.. CUPCAKES..BTW auntie sj... E was talking cupcakes yesterday