Sunday, August 17, 2008

When Home Depot and Williams-Sonoma collide...

so i took yet another break from this weekend where i'm supposed to be doing non-stop work, and went to see my parents with some cupcakes (as pictured previously). they came out fantastic, except that i haven't mastered the filling part.

i was lamenting this to my parents. i told them i thought my problem was that i needed to use the tip with the bigger opening.

my dad's reaction was: i needed power tools.

to be exact, a pneumatic caulking gun.

"dad, my pastry filler is fine, it's just that the hole was too small for the kind of pressure i needed... really."

but a minute or two later, Dad comes in with an air-compressor enabled caulking gun. and mom was digging out a variety of pastry tips. and by variety, i mean, she had everything from a set of wilton metal tips, to the plastic tips from her pampered chef decorator to a host of plastic tips that i've never seen before.

this, folks, was a mission. i'm just sorry i didn't have my digital camera.

a few minutes later, we were experimenting with some canned frosting (and when we determined there wasn't enough to really test our caulk-gun-turned-pastry-tool, we added sour cream.) we added a plastic bag, and then we added some tips. and then we took a plate outside to the garage. and hooked our baking tool up to an air compressor.

because that's how we roll.

so while i held out the plate, my dad tried his hand with the tool and a ruffling tip. dad did a pretty good job making some nice ribbons. (i should mention that this whole time, j was hiding behind me, sure that someone was getting coated with sour cream frosting.)

so we'll see how this goes. my plan is to go hang out with my dad some night this week with some cupcakes and some filling.

and maybe some safety goggles.

current itunes song: "you're aging well" by dar williams


Molly said...

Why is it that men have to "power" everything? I hope your cupcakes come out great though, I loved the picture of them.

Srg said...

They make pneumatic caulking guns?!? Where were you when I was re-caulking our shower last weekend? LOL Hope the "air-powered cupcake filler" works for you guys!

Natasha Becoming Something said...

Hee hee! That's very funny.

Burg said...

If I mention this to my husband, he'll want to try it with his air compressor, but he never cleans anything up, so I'll just keep it to myself.

Great blog!

Scott said...

LOL! That sounds like something my dad or brothers would come up with! Too funny!