Monday, August 18, 2008

Movin' and groovin'

Hey there. I just got back into town from our weekend away, pulled up to the front door of Funny Gals and... whoa! A whole new look for our corner of the neighborhood. How awesome is that?!? SJ and I can take no credit for the improvements, of course. We have our gal Molly with help from Burg to thank for the new look (she was even the impetus for it-- she emailed us to tell us we are sooooo 2007 and it's time to let go of last year's look for something new). And seeing as how it took no more work for us than an email back saying, "Go for it!" SJ and I went along with the idea.

So we've moved into these new digs-- some of which may look familiar, but some of which is completely new (I'm told we have a "blog roll" down in the bottom right and it's supposed to keep track of the blogs we read and how often they're updated, so that sounds fun...)

Speaking of new digs, the Pretend Husband and I are about to get some too. We sold our house. (That doesn't quite reach the level of excitement I'm feeling. It's more like, HOLY.CRAP!WE.FREAKIN.SOLD.OUR.HOUSE!) So, we're moving (into the house I grew up in) and we're demolishing and we're repainting and restoring hardwood floors and clearing out trees and... we should be done by the time our youngest child is in high school. Yeah, it's going to be a lot of work. And the next couple of weeks are going to be tough as we try to get everything done at once.

But, you know what? I can't wait.


sj said...

holy crap! congratulations!

i can't believe i had to find out from the blog. but. i mean. it's cool. i'll get you back for that.

from now on, all of my major life announcements will be on the blog.

(i have none upcoming, however.)

Heather said...

I came over from Molly's blog to check out what a cute job she did! It looks fabulous in here!! Oh, and congrats on selling your house. You'll have to post before and after pictures of the house you grew up in. What a fun adventure.

hautepocket said...

Congrats! I call for pictures of the new place!

sj said...

kat, i just looked at your profile.

and you list buffalo wings among your interests.


(but i still love you. and i love that you're moving closer to me. if fractionally.)

Momma Bear said...

I strolled over from Molly's blog. I don't know what it looked like before, but it looks great now! I've been reading through some of the older posts, you gals really are funny. So good title! :)

Srg said...

Yay! You're moving closer to us! And welcome to the world of home repair! We've been in it for the past 8 years now, but I think we're finally starting to see the end of the tunnel. Have fun!

Scott said...

Your blog looks great! Your house venture sounds like allot of fun! Especially with it being the house you grew up in. Sometimes I day dream about doing the same thing.

Devon said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! good luck with your renovations!! what fun! and work! i am possibly buying an old victorian house built in 1890... it definitely needs TLC... but first, i have to see if my fiance and i can manage the upkeep with horrendous heating bills. i'm crossing my fingers!!! anywho... not that you necessarily want to give the world a map to your house... but it'd be fun to see the progress that you make!

Oh--and DEFINITELY make the cake cookies.. you won't regret it!

Devon said...

oh.. oops.. i posted my comments under a different email... i'm from !! :)