Monday, September 08, 2008

Sometimes they need our help to be the man we want them to be

Part of cleaning out my old house (soon to be my new house) has involved the discovery of all sorts of "treasures" from growing up. Like the box full of notes folded like footballs from my middle school years. And every birthday card I had ever received. And love letters from my high school boyfriend.

Having found-- and tossed-- the love letters, I started giving the Pretend Husband a hard time about why I have all these letters from some long-ago love and almost none from him, the guy I ended up with. To be fair, we have been apart for very little time, so it makes sense that we rarely write to each other. But I still felt like I needed something to replace those letter filled with compliments and expressions of love.

So I wrote myself a love letter from the PH, leaving some blanks for him to fill in. It was something like, "Dear KAT, What I love most about you is _________________. When I'm at work, what I miss most about you is ___________________. My favorite memory of our time together is ______________. Love, the PH"

And, because the PH is who he is, a bunch of the blanks were filled in with "your boobs." But he also threw some really sweet stuff in there (like how his favorite memory is of the two of us sitting at the altar at our wedding). Perhaps I've discovered some awesome new product to help men express their love with a minimum of effort on their part? Check your local stores soon for KAT's own Madlibs of Love!


sj said...

"english as a second language."

(for our readers, this was the english course j took in college. and it is NOT his second language.)

first it was a joke, now an excuse.

madlibs may not be a bad idea. although my notes in the morning (i get an email most days) are always identical. i email him to say i'm in, and he comes back with:

"sorry to hear that. love you. have a good day."

this is usually because i complain about traffic.

sj said...

ps - i never got any love letters. i'm insanely jealous ;)

Burg said...

That's a great idea, but I guarantee my hubby would find some way to make it the most unromantic thing ever written.

SouthernBelle said...

ooh I love the mad libs of love idea. You should patent it & sell it to Hallmark or someone!

Husband & I haven't ever spent long enough apart to go with snail mail love letters, but he does write a lovely romantic card for the odd birthday or anniversary present.

Molly said...

Maybe you should just print out all his emails and tie a pretty ribbon around them and pretend they are love letters!

Bryan said...

if it were only that simple.....

mad libs rock btw