Friday, September 05, 2008

how i am just like brittany spears

i know, right? who knew.

but i am.

it all has to do with a severe miscalculation on my part about the texture of my foundation garment (fun and lacy) and my comfortable knit dress (fun and not lacy).

due to this miscalculation, i had to determine a solution that would prevent my dress from clinging indiscreetly to my nether regions. because that's what was going on.

which led me to a choice. go without? or just go with it. i polled some co-workers discreetly.

i tried to go without for a little while, but i had a meeting with my ceo, who likes me to sit right next to him when going through reports, etc. and quite frankly, he's in many ways very father-like. and i just couldn't deal with the mental thought of being without my undies in my boss's office. it was quite frankly, unfathomable.

but, for a brief (or... um.. hiphugger) period today, i was indeed modeling the behavior of Brittany Spears.

current itunes song: "portions for foxes" by rilo kiley


sj said...

i just realized that i posted about going a) braless and b) panty-less twice in one week.

if this doesn't increase our traffic, i don't know *what* else would.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Look at you go, Miss Thang! All conservative and classy by day and mysterious and slutty by... uh, also apparently by day!

Is there some kind of "Too Much Information Award"? Because if there is, I definitely think we have a lock on it!

hautepocket said...

"for a brief (or hiphugger) period" LOL.

Meg said...

I have been known to go pantyless back in my BC days.

Stephanie said...

Risky. Because what if you tripped and fell, or you accidentally stood on a vent, or a mischievous little monkey caused your skirt to fly over your head. What if all three happened at once. These are the things I worry about.

Molly said...

Yes, the amount of accidents you get into, you are bound to fall at some point, legs up in the air, everything on display!

sj said...

stephanie, molly -- this is *exactly* why i only lasted commando for about an hour. an hour where i was seated (chained) to my desk.

Mama's Losin' It said...

Oh stop it!!! Now you take your panties off this INSTANT and go sit next to your boss. I'm sure he'd feel flattered.

Srg said...

i just love going commando, even at work! and the more i do it, the less i can tolerate undies at all. it's all very liberating actually.

SouthernBelle said...

Hi Twin! ; )

I have this dilemma occasionally, but it's more to do with comfort than visibility issues. I've just gotten back into wearing thong panties (screeching "I'm still sexy!"as I hurtle inevitably towards 30) and I swear to God, there are some days I seriously consider going without rather than having that thing all up in my business... but my Clumsiness Factor also involves a high risk of the Accidental Flash, and that's just not on.

Actually I bought this fantastic black miniskirt from Talbot's a while back that has built-in (but not visible) shorts, so even if you do go commando, you're not really commando. I think Britney should invest in at least one.

Bryan said...

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