Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One born... one still cooking...

First off, let me just publicly reiterate that KAT and the PH make a damn fine looking kid, if I do say so.

Between the squishy baby cheeks and the little kissy face, he's really quite adorable. Which is perfect, you realize, because obviously, I'm excited to have such a cute son-in-law.

As KAT and the PH adjust to life with the newborn, J and I have been extremely busy finding goats, getting deeds to our tract of land, going through our Wii games, etc. You know. All to arrange the dowry.

The only problem I foresee is that instead of having a sweet little baby girl, my womb appears to be occupied right now by a very large starfish.

It's the only way I can explain feeling simultaneous kicks to both of my ribs and my groin at the same time. We've ruled out twins, thanks to some very active, very thorough ultrasounds. But at some point since then, my child has obviously morphed into an exoskeletal sea creature.

I am starting to get a little anxious as my impending due date approaches, of course. Particularly after my doctor announced at my last appointment that my baby seems to be going through ANOTHER growth spurt. (At one point, she said "Whoa. That is the head.") I'm taking it in stride though. Perhaps she'll settle down a bit... relax. Maybe slow the growth a bit so she's not, you know, a toddler at delivery.

But, the FunnyKid has inspired us to move along our baby preparedness efforts so that little FunnyGirl can have a place to lay her tiny head.

Note: chandelier installed. But we don't have a single diaper in the house. Or a car seat yet.


Soda and Candy said...


Also "Whoa. That is the head." bwahahahahahhahaa! Way to inspire confidence about the delivery, Doc.

Sarah said...

OK, whatever else you do in that room, I want to live in it! How pretty!

Pollyanna said...

The room is adorable!

Just one little note. Your bundle of sugar & spice isn't going to be moving around much in the beginning so you can go ahead and raise the mattress all the way up. You will save your back and your sanity - it's amazing how hard it is to lay a sleeping newborn down gently in a crib when you're reaching way down. And you'll save your boobs - I've leaned up against a rail or two when my babies just would stay up to nurse long enough and let's just say I've ended up with some pretty wet t-shirts :)

Sam_I_am said...

My mom and I have a periodic arguement about whether or not a baby can be ugly. She says that all babies are adorable and I say that I've seen some pretty hideous babies. You're right though, KAT and PH made one handsome little guy! Look at the bright side, SJ, if your baby is moving around so much, that must mean she's ready to get out of there and you won't have to wait around... better get some diapers :-)