Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting us ready for parenthood... one puddle of vomit at a time.

Last night, Molly (the black dog) woke us up three times by vomiting in our bedroom. Each time, we got up and I comforted her and cleaned her face while the Pretend Husband wiped up the vomit (she had vomited a couple of times earlier in the day so we went to bed with the cleaning supplies within reach).

It's tough to get a good night's sleep when you're woken every few hours. But, we figured it is preparing us for a baby crying every few hours, and this sluggishness the PH and I feel today? Well, that's probably waiting for us this fall, too.

Last week was particularly hard. Casey (the white dog) woke us up at 4 a.m. by vomiting in our bedroom. While the PH cleaned up the four different spots (I'm not sure how he keeps getting clean-up duty, but let's not point that out to him, hmmm?) I took the dogs outside in case Casey wasn't finished. She wasn't.

Then, fearing that Casey might have a blockage in her intestine that was preventing food from getting through, I grabbed a flashlight and started following her around the yard to see if she was able to go to the bathroom (oh, the things we do for our furry children!) While this was happening (and presumably, one of my neighbors was calling the police to report a prowler in our yard), Molly decided to take off for a tour of the neighborhood.

So, 4:30 found the PH sitting on the front steps with Casey while I scoured the backyard with the flashlight, quietly calling for Molly. We finally all met up, trooped back upstairs and settled back down for a few more hours of sleep.

About 10 minutes later, Casey vomited again. This time, I cleaned and the PH took the dogs outside. I went back to bed but after about 20 minutes, I still wasn't asleep and felt bad that the PH was handling things alone outside. So, dressed in a pink bathroom, I trooped back outside and all the way out to the perimeter of our backyard to find the PH enjoying the sunrise while closely watching Casey for bathroom activity (she didn't go).

We finally made it back inside at 6 a.m.-- just enough time for all of us to pass out for an hour before the alarm went off. Then, to add insult to injury, Molly and Casey got to go spend the day with their grandparents (who promised to keep an eye on them) while the PH and I slogged into work, trying to function on about six hours of sleep.

Yes, I feel prepared for parenthood. But I'm also grateful we have 10 more weeks before the baby arrives. This mama likes her sleep.


Kelli said...

Went through this last week with our black dog (part poodle, part Shitzu-looks a lot like your black dog). It only lasted a day but we were worried.
He got up in the middle of the night, but luckily he knew to go into the bathroom and be sick on the tile, where we could clean it up in the morning.
Can you teach kids to do that?

kk said...

middle-of-the-night doggie vomit is THE WORST.

One time, Vito didn't make it off the bed. Fun times changing the sheets at 3am!

Sam_I_am said...

my husband dearest slacked on his grass cutting duties so Chance decided that the yard wasn't up to his standards and help it... until he exploded all over our bedroom at 3am. It was so gross. I figure if I have a kid that does that, I'll just take the hose to em.

Srg said...

6 hours of sleep? That's a normal night's sleep for me! I routinely functioned (if you can call it that) on 3-4 hours of sleep back when B was a baby. I don't miss those days!

Soda and Candy said...

Aww, what wonderful helpful dogs! They're just trying to train you! Also, quite right for the husband to clean up the messes - blah blah bacteria, something something risks, and also cleaning products - FUMES!!! Can't be too careful!

Pollyanna said...

And the quest for poop begins! I swear it's the tie that binds all us mommies together. So it's dog poop right now. It will soon be baby poop. You just can't help inspecting poop - another sad mommy fact.