Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let's make a deal

If there is anything I love more than shopping, it's getting a good deal. I can enjoy a new shirt or dress, but will love it even more if I know I got a good deal on it. And I got a heck of a deal this weekend at a consignment sale for baby and maternity stuff.

One of the school PTOs put on the consignment sale this weekend and I figured it might have some good kid and maternity stuff. It turns out the whole sale was full of maternity, baby and children's stuff (I will be going back every year to buy the following year's sizes). And the maternity rack was huge (yay for moms of elementary school students who are done having kids!)

Pea in the Pod dresses for $20 (which I've heard usually sell for $80), cargo pants for $5-
$10 and shirts for $4 (I got four shirts for the price of one at GAP maternity!) And the stuff is all in great shape-- so great that if I take care of it, I could probably sell it at the consignment sale in a few years.

And this obsession with being frugal obviously runs in the family because kat's lil sis called me a few weeks ago to describe a consignment sale in her area where she got 20 items of clothing for Peyton and a few toys for less than $40. Then she had spotted an infant carrier and called to ask if I was going to register for one. I figured I would and she asked how I would feel about a used one that cost $5. Heck, for $5, I can love almost anything!

She sent the carrier, which is in great shape. I tested out and can now vouch that it works just as well as a new one.


Soda and Candy said...

There is a lady in my town who walks around with a dog that looks exactly like that in a BABY CARRIER JUST LIKE THAT ONE!!! I'm glad you have plans to put a baby in yours eventually.

Srg said...

I think I know which consignment sale you went to! {wink wink} As a not-as-active-as-I-should-be-but-still-a-member-of-said-PTA I heard sales were fantastic this past weekend. And it sounds like you really made out! I would comment that you won't have much left to put on your registry, but I don't think that's going to be a problem once you walk into one of THOSE stores!

And for the record, I thought long and hard about contributing to that consignment shop cause I still have {cough} everything {cough} from when B was a baby. But I'm reluctant to give it up...just in case we have another... :-)

Kelli said...

Putting the dog in the carrier, love it! My MIL threatened to buy one for me because my dog follows me everywhere. She said I could wear it while cooking. Even MORE dog hair in the food? No thanks. He can watch from a distance.

Kellie said...

Consignment stores are a pregnant woman's best friend! I bought 2 pairs of slacks and a shirt for $20! And the shirt and one pair of the slacks were like new GAP! What a steal!

And your dog is adorable in that carrier. I bet my dog would actually love to be carried around in one... Practice maybe? :)

sj said...

Kelli and I obviously lead parallel lives. Except my dog wouldn't fit in the sling.

It was a superfun time. I love hitting the thrift shops with you - and I have such a keen eye for it.

When can I shop for you again???