Friday, March 26, 2010

Missing Callie

A good dog passed away today. Callie was our family dog for about 20 minutes before kat's lil sis became her master. And the two of them ended up living in more places than I've even visited (what does it say when your furry, four-legged niece is more well-traveled than you are?) I think lil sis said Callie made eight moves in her 11 years before finally settling down in Georgia-- well, as much as she could settle down with two other dogs and two kids in the house!

I was away at college when my family brought Callie home and didn't get to meet her for a few more weeks. But I am still proud of the fact that I was the one who named her, even from afar (and, after, I should add, a two-hour span of her being called "Hailey" before everyone decided the name didn't fit her).

A big, gentle German shepherd, she loved people and most other dogs. I didn't realize how big and powerful she looked until I started taking her for walks in the woods and watched as other people dragged their children and dogs off the side of the trail until we passed. It didn't help that Callie would choose those times to bark ferociously as I tried to both lead her past and yell, "She's gentle, I swear! She just likes to bark!" at the same time.

Kat's lil sis took wonderful care of her-- taking her for hikes in the Colorado mountains, letting her swim in the lake in Connecticut and talking walks along the beach with her in Florida (seriously, I think there are more photos of Callie in picturesque places than there are of me!) And Callie always adapted to it all-- even to the addition of lil sis' husband, two more dogs, one rambunctious toddler and a baby. She will be missed.

And that, my friends, is the last sad news I want to hear for the rest of my pregnancy. I can't handle bad news on top of these flowing hormones. When lil sis called to tell me the news, I think she stopped crying long before I did (in fact, I know she did because I'm still crying as I write this). Only happy news from now on, OK?


sj said...

sooooo sad.

i'm so sorry, kat's lil sis.

dogs are family. and she was such a beautiful dog.

she'll be missed :(

CarrieBeth said...

So sorry. She looks like she had very sweet, gentle eyes. She even looks like she's smiling in this photo. She must have learned how to pose taking all those scenic shots on the beach.

I agree that pregnant woman should be protected from all bad news in our fragile state ( AKA being super off balanced and partially mentally ill on occasion).

Soda and Candy said...

Oh no, Kat, it's so sad. I guess at least she had a good long, full life, and she was obviously extremely loved.

New life is coming to the family soon.
: )

dzee said...

Callie certainly had a full and wonderful life! I too remember the day she came into your lives and into our front yard...2 days later, we had her sister living at our house (thanks, Tom!)...Those two were the best pups and had so much fun together. Their bond was so special..they always remembered each other. Sadly, Kysha left us too soon 3 years ago. Now, the two are together again....

Sam_I_am said...

I know very well how much they become family. They say people live so long because it takes us years to learn to be loving and genuine and kind. Dogs already know how to do all those things, so they have much shorter lives.

jal12771 said...

To Kat and Kat's Lil sis.. So sorry about the loss of a wonderful Pet.
I still shed tears about my Shadow and he has been gone 5 years.

Srg said...

Hugs to you and your lil sis. SJ is right, they're not just pets, they are family. So sad they can't be with us longer. What a beautiful dog.