Monday, March 23, 2009

SJ's Weekend: A Brief Pictorial

I had fun. I had fake hair.

So awesome. I felt like a pop star. Except that my pop star was more like... an Irish Lady in Waiting. Which is what I was for a Renaissance dinner on Saturday. What. Are my glasses "not period?"

And then I got to be at a photo shoot for the New England Pirate Faire in Gloucester -- which was awesome. It was like being on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. Except there was no Johnny Depp. Which was kind of disappointing. But it was still awesomely amazing.

How was your weekend?


Soda and Candy said...

You make a damn fine pirate/medieval wench!!!! with just a dash of Naughty Librarian.

; )

Geiger Girl said...

Oooh! I'm so jealous of the fake hair! I'll never find any that matches, unless perhaps it's poodle hair. Arrrgh!

Love love love that you are a supermodel/wench!

Momma Bear said...

That sounds like fun! My weekend was spent painting. not quite as fun!

TishTash said...

Well don't you just look like a romance novel waiting to happen...Hot is what I mean.

Srg said...

Yeah you totally had to convince me that you had extensions. It looked so natural I had no clue that it wasn't your natural hair!

Ok, now that you've dragged me into your crazy medieval/pirate world (not that it was that difficult since I've always been fascinated by this stuff) I just might have to look around for a pirate costume now... J is going to kill me...