Monday, December 15, 2008

Who knew the Bangles and Eastland Knots were so popular?

Google Analytics has been providing me with non-stop entertainment, so I thought I'd share with you some of the gems I've learned about our visitors.

They love the 80s, they love large-figured women, and they know the words to Linda Ronstadt songs.

You folks are scaring me a little, honestly. Not all of you. But those of you who are looking for "Busty just 18" may be disappointed. We're way over 18. And Busty is actually just a nickname, not a physical description. (I blame KAT for the overwhelming amount of "Busty" searches that bring people to our blog.)

So, because I find these funny, here are some of the keywords that are bringing you here. Please, sit down. Kick off your loafers. Stay a while.

1) Eastland knot. True, once upon a time KAT waxed poetically about the resurgence of the 80s in fashion trends. And for some reason, this is our number one search term. I suspect there is a marketing director at Eastland that's trying to contact KAT about being their next model.

2) "Busty Aunt" This is KAT's nickname for herself. I'll let her explain.

3) "not in the market for a boy who loves only me" -- the lyrics to a Linda Ronstadt song. I tried in vain to get our few readers back in 2006 to engage in a little song lyrics quiz. It went awry.

4) "The Bangles." Seriously? You're looking for Pat over at Blog Like an Egyptian. You and your Eastlands can go walk right over there. Tell him sj says hi!

5) "burp tastes like food five hours later" - I .. what? Really? I can't... I don't...

I've got nothing.

But maybe try some Dentyne.


FunnyGal KAT said...

The Busty thing is easy... I've been known to bust a move. Oh no, wait, that's not it. I'm so busty, I bust out of my shirts. Um, no. Not even close. I once got busted by the cops... nope, not that either.

Oh, I know! Busty LaRoux is my pretend porn name-- since that whole middle name, road you lived on results in nothing more exciting than a Marie Smith-caliber name. (I have no idea where I first heard it, but it caught my attention and I use it... but only when I'm interviewing for a job or signing Christmas cards). So, OF COURSE, Busty LaRoux gets called Aunt Busty by the best nephew in the world.

And, SJ, how'd I do for upping the number of times "busty" is on the blog? I won't rest until we're the number one result when someone searches for "busty"!

Dr Zibbs said...

It's amazing some of the crap people search for. But speaking of busty...oh nevermind.

SouthernBelle said...

Okay, now you have to explain what pegging is and how does one do it to jeans?

Stephanie said...

I cannot tell you how many "Want my therapist to spank me" searches I get. It makes me puff my chest up with pride.

Andy said...

Man do I love me some Google searches. Unlike me, yours at least don't involve crotches. But busty aunt- that's beautiful.