Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Learning to tie the Eastland knot again...

I happened to catch the fashion segment on the “Today” show the other day and learned to my horror that leggings are back in style! One of the anchors was actually wearing black leggings under her suit (and to think SJ gave me a hard time for wearing black nylons!)
I’m still recovering from the idea that leggings are cool, but it got me thinking about all the other fashions we had in middle school and high school.
First of all, the leggings on “Today” were plain– no lace at the bottom. Remember the lace? I always borrowed my sister’s leggings because she had them in hot pink, black and some other color. I had the boring white ones, but I remember all of them always having the coordinating lace at the bottom (to those faceless people who determine what’s “in style,” all I have to say is, you’re not fooling anyone. You can take the lace off the bottom, but we all realize you’re just bringing back something from 15 years ago).
When it wasn’t leggings, it was those tiers of socks under “pegged” jeans. An older girl I knew showed me how to peg my pants and had me convinced that she invented the style… until I went to college years later and discovered that my friends from different parts of the country were doing the same thing at the same time. I doubt Laura Johnson’s influence reached that far! But remember the scrunched socks? It was cool to get two different colors and layer them… under a pair of white Keds, of course.
And no memory of growing up is complete without talking about the bangs. I can’t imagine there are many girls who missed out on the hairsprayed roll of hair over the bangs that hung down over the forehead. That style probably did more to ruin the ozone layer than all the big factories combined!
I’m still shocked at the realization that leggings are back “in.” And I’m just praying that those bangs don’t come back… but just in case, I’m buying stock in hairspray companies.


Laura Johnson said...

I did SO invent that style. I was also the first girl to wear boys' boxers as shorts. And stirrup pants? Me again.

sj said...

wait. what? leggings are not back in. i refuse to believe this. tights, okay, i can buy that. but FOOTLESS TIGHTS? good lord.

stac said...

Great - does this mean i need to dig out my extra long sweaters and oversized belts too??