Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial Day Musings...

*Memorial Day weekend… the unofficial start of summer, as radio DJs everywhere (including myself) have announced this week. It’s so cliché, but it feels true, especially with the warm weather FINALLY arriving in the Northeast (complaining about weather in New England is also cliché. It’s amazing how many people live here their entire lives, yet still seem shocked by the heat, the snow, the amount of rainfall, etc.)
*Remember that old rule about only being able to wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day? I have a feeling that rule has gone by the wayside (otherwise, you’d never be able to wear “winter white,” right?)
*I read somewhere that Memorial Day is the holiday with the largest amount of beef consumption. I gave up red meat more than 10 years ago (want to join the list of the hundreds of people who demand to know why I did it? Make sure you’re eating a burger or steak while I explain in graphic detail how it seems more like human flesh to me than chicken does). Therefore, I don’t understand the appeal of a grilled burger, but I can get behind mustard being the favored condiment on hot dogs (actually, turkey dogs).
*Speaking of turkey dogs, I went to buy some brand name ones last night in the grocery store. They were $3.59 for 10 of them. But then I found some chicken dogs by a brand I had never heard of– eight for 99 cents! Being my father’s daughter, I went for the cheaper option. Then the PH left them out on the table all night. I may try one anyway (luckily, I didn’t inherit my dad’s penchant for food poisoning, so I should be OK).
*SJ is in Vermont this weekend fishing with her family. Understandably (at least if you’re a regular reader of this blog), it’s the most physically demanding activity her husband allows her to participate in! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for no snagged body parts, no hypothermia from falling out of the boat or any other creative ways SJ manages to find to injure herself!
I wish you all a long weekend of fun, relaxation, time with friends and family (which may nullify the relaxation) sunshine, burgers (don’t get me started…) and room temperature, cut-price chicken dogs. Have a great holiday!

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sj said...

considering i was dealing with sharp objects, on a deep lake and caught many fish with sharp teeth, i'm very proud that i managed to escape with only sunburn.