Monday, May 22, 2006

shower the people.

in keeping with the bridal theme, i thought i'd blog my adventures in bridal showers this weekend.

it was a bridal shower for -- okay, now follow the dots, because this is tricky -- my husband's sister's husband's brother's fiance. or, if you prefer, the fiance of my husband's brother-in-law's brother.

the slightly wacky thing about this is that my husband's in-laws have their own gravitational pull. they expect us to celebrate holidays with them (like- not even necessarily the major ones, but things like Father's Day), which is kind of odd because that would mean that we'd be spending it with neither of our families. but anyway, it's nice to be that loved.

so yeah- bridal shower. lots of oohing and aahing over towels and a bride that clearly didn't want to be the center of attention.

i understand that showers, many times, are beyond the control of the bride. they are much more about the family. so i have a lot of sympathy for those brides that sit there, red-faced over the nighties and the implications of the honeymoon.

but man. they may be the most boring, most time-wasting activities ever.


KAT said...

Amen, sister! The PH and I have argued about this because I DO NOT want a shower of any shape or form. It's basically an opportunity to sit around and watch someone open gifts-- with the additional bonus of having to make a fool of yourself in silly games. I've actually been to shower that didn't have games, but it was almost worse because then it was just a gift-getting opportunity for the bride-to-be. Can you tell you struck a nerve with your post?!?

Anonymous said...

I am SO with you on this one little sis... the reason I had a Jack-n-Jill. Ya know me- sitting in front of a bunch of people as they watch you open gifts. And at bridal shower how many times can you hold up towels for "oohs and aahhs". Or what about the bridal shower 'game' of "how many ribbons can she break?" = how many kids she will have... PLLEEZZZZ

However- a baby shower is a little different.... those little cute clothes and stuff... AWE!

sj said...

yes, it's true i prefer baby showers..

but, KAT, I must point out that for many brides, it is not their wish to have a traditional bridal shower.... it's more like a rite of passage. i really think part of the appeal is generational.