Friday, March 03, 2006

@#%@#% snow.

snow-#@$!-angels my left foot.

three hour commute. slush. ice. suv's doing fishtales. no plows. bad drivers.

i hate the snow.

in other news, i made norwegian pastries today with j, who took the day off from work. he's currently napping. i'm currently working. well, intermitently working.

i'm also quizzing my friend via aim over song lyrics, so i'll do the same for you. And no fair cheating using google, since I may have gotten some of these wrong....

1. I was waking up in that sleepy little town. In her eyes, my world came so alive.
2. When I was born, they looked at me and said: "what a good boy, what a smart boy, what a strong boy."
3. I was five and he was six, we rode on horses made of sticks.
4. i like the sushi because it never touched the frying pan.
5. Oh don't get me wrong, it's not that I knock it it's just that I am not in the market for a boy who loves only me...
6. I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
7. I'd be lying if i said i was completely unscathed. I might be proving you right with my silence or my retaliation...... how can i explain this to my children if i had them?

Good luck!

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sj said...

because my musical taste is incomprehensible, some answers...

1. telluride by tim mcgraw
2. be with me tonight by bnl
3. bang bang by nancy sinatra (I also would have accepted the opening song to kill bill)
4. one week by bnl
5. different drum by linda ronstadt
6. folsom prison blues by johnny cash
7. can't not by alanis morrisette