Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Happiness is… no more boxes to unpack

New couches: check
Electronics all set up: check
18 spider plants finding a windowsill or shelf to live on: check
Pretend Husband to make dinner every night so I don’t have to: check
A cute little dog to complete the picture: still working on that one

Hear that? That’s the sound of domestic bliss in the new homestead. It’s a sound I haven’t heard for more than a month as I’ve packed up my apartment, bribed friends to help haul the junk to charity and the treasures to the new cottage, unloaded all the boxes into the tiny living room, moved things around (sometimes moving the same box around the room half a dozen times) and then unpacked everything into (approximately) where it belongs.
It’s not completely done (and I’m not sure it ever will be!) but the place resembles a cute home more than it does the inside of a storage container. It’s not quite ready for the cover of “Cottage Living” magazine, but it works. With brightly painted walls, some funky furniture and the $20 rug (the bargain of the century), it’s all I need. (Oops, better add the PH into that equation just in case he ever decides to finally read the blog.)
In any case, it has everything needed to entertain, relax and watch a movie, cook a feast for four or engage in a Battleship tournament… who could ask for anything more?

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