Thursday, December 04, 2008

When real life and blog life collide...

Well, not really *collide*.

But kind of. Okay not at all.

Let me just try to explain. One of the blogs I follow, as you can see, from our happy reads there on the right... See them? Okay, back to me. Focus, people! ... is called Blog Like an Egyptian. I have no idea where he got that name. I assume he really likes the Bangles. And why not, really. But the funny dude that writes it is an editor at daily newspaper nearish to where I work. I've never met him. At all. But I read his blog. And I believe we have one mutual acquaintance. But that's it. He probably thinks I'm a crazy person.

But that would just indicate that he may actually know me.

And why do I mention it? For no real reason other than the fact that it's like I know him, but I don't, and neither do my friends. But I reference his blog in conversation with other people that I do know in real life as if they must have read it too and they must know what I'm talking about. I do this with other blogs too, but notably his, because he's in CT.

Evidence A: He recently blogged about Britney and Joan Jett. So I started a conversation with someone I work with right after reading his blog that was somewhere along the lines of, "So yeah, I'd spend $125 to watch that insanity unfold."

Blank stares ensue. Then I spend 10 minutes trying to cover like I didn't just have a conversation with someone in my head before speaking out loud.

Evidence B:
j: Have you heard from any of your friends today?
me: Yeah! Andy had this brilliant idea to come up with definitions for word verification... and sb is so my twin. Have you ever heard Aussie slang?
j: huh?

I confess the lines between our bloggy world and our real world can get fuzzy. And throw Twitter and FB and forget it. I have an electronic identity crisis.

I figure I'm not alone. Right?


FunnyGal KAT said...

No, you're not alone. I'm also a resident of Crazy Blogland. Evidenced by my long-winded recap of a blog started by someone we know only through her first blog, announcing that another blogger we read is pregnant and talking about Andy more often than I tell you things about the PH.

Maybe it's just us, SJ.

SouthernBelle said...

I've been known to refer to people I know ONLY through their blogs as my friends.

"My friend was talking the other day about such-and-such..."
"Which friend?"
"Um, well, actually this chick who writes a blog."

Also, I cannot let my word ver go without a definition:

gizina: Female Godzilla's lady bits.

; )

Mama Kat said...

I do it all the time. Or I'll refer to a "friend" and my sisters will be like "who said THAT??" and then I'll be like "Oh.'s just no one...I mean...a blogger. It's a blogger." And then they pretty much discount anything I said because certainly it can't be substantial information if it came from Kathy's "blog world".

But I like it. It's like my very own little world in here!! All mine.

Andy said...

I have referred to both of you in real life conversation before with Capricorn, who also hears about Haute Pocket, Ben, Miss Tiff and Southern Belle, among others, all the time. She is so nice to listen and not think I'm crazy.

I almost feel like we are pen pals- we never meet, and yet I feel like I know you. Which makes me wonder- when I visit CT one day to meet some old friends, would it be better to meet you two as well, or keep it a mystery? That's a tough one.

Word verification: gramimma Def.: (n) Aunt Jemima's grandmother who often weighs dime bags for her dealer.

Sam_I_am said...

Fiance is totally freaked out about my blogging and he requested that we pretend like it doesn't exist. He's afraid that someone will track me down and try to kill us. I don't worry too much about it though. I tell my friends about my Adventures in Blogland all the time. I actually looked for people in my hometown, but they haven't posted in years.

Srg said...

KAT and SJ - you are not the only ones!! And how funny is it that even though I know both of your real names, I'm constantly referring to you as "KAT" and "SJ" when I'm talking to J about you guys.