Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, BFF!

Today is a holiday. Did you not know it?

Well. Let me do my part by spreading the word.

Today is the third anniversary of the 29th birthday of our beloved KAT. Yay!

And, as we like to do here on Funnygals, no birthday is complete with out a blog tribute. And since we've been doing this for so long, you'd think it'd be hard to come up with special little memories that we've shared together.

In fact, it is not at all hard. Because we try, even with our busy crazy lives, to spend at least 6 martinis together each month. (That's a little shout out to our dearest Molly who has been too busy to blog, but we still love her oodles. I think being a phone sex operator may be a little wearying. Poor lamb.)

So, without further ado, here is my blog tribute to the lovely and talented KAT. These are my plans for her at 32.

1. We've discussed it, but we haven't done it yet. And I think no time like the present for us to dress up in our wedding finery and head over to Dairy Queen. What's that? DQ is closed? You know, that'd usually be the case, but KAT and I know every one in the state and there is one not far from us that actually stays open year round. Stay tuned for pics.

2. Girls weekend. We haven't had a good one in a *long* time, mostly because of her penchant for working nine jobs. But, this year, we WILL make time to ditch the boys and head off on our own to some lovely beachy retreat to drink martinis, eat chocolate bon bons and enjoy the sunset from our ocean view balcony room that must exist somewhere between Old Saybrook and Cape Cod, hopefully conveniently close to our favorite lobster place.

3. I think she should have a baby. No pressure. But. Just saying. If not, she should at least practice conceiving.

4. Did we ever share the hamburger story? Add to it the Kit Kat story. If we haven't, well. I leave that to KAT's discretion.

5. This is rapidly deteriorating into a things I love about KAT, so what the heck. Let's just go with that.

6. I love that I can call her at 8:15 on her birthday to wish her a happy birthday, and she's been up for two hours. I also love that I can call her at 10 a.m. some days and it's like she just got up. She's all quirky like that.

7. I love that we can order complimentary martinis. We know enough never to order the same ones at the same time. Duh. How else can you get through the martini menu and still remember which ones you liked?

8. I love that she remembers every birthday of every person she ever met. Maybe not, but it seems that way.

9. I love that we can go - at most - two weeks without actually speaking, but be fully informed of what's going on thanks to the blog.

10. We totally talk about you all in real life like we know you all. You are frequently in our conversations when we get together for dinner.

There are, at least, 90 more things I could come up with. But I'm still a little exhausted after a bug, so my brain isn't working that fast. Besides, I have to save the next 10 for 33. And then 34... you get the idea.

So please take a minute, if you will, to wish my dearest KAT a happy birthday, and please share with us what things you love about her. I promise I won't reuse them in the birthday card that I'm making for her. Honest.

Hugs and Kisses,


SouthernBelle said...

Happy birthday KAT!

I love that you were willing to publicly (ie on the internet) admit that your dad is like mine.

Also you're hilarious.

: )

Srg said...

Happy Birthday KAT!!

#2 - Count me in on that girl's weekend!

And I'll be sure to mark the 27th down in my calendar.

Andy said...

Happy Birthday, KAT. I definitely talk about you two like you're people I know in real life. Trust me. Capricorn will get sick of all of you at some point (just not yet).
And I love how you phrased this: "Practice conceiving." Actually, I love when people pray at church for God to help a couple conceive. What they really mean is, "God, when these two do the nasty, let his boys swim, ok?"

FunnyGal KAT said...

Yay, thanks SJ! I'm in for 1, 2 and... you're going to have to talk to the PH about number 3. Thanks for such a sweet post.

Hopefully you didn't feel obligated to write something so sweet because I sort of remember telling you that you HAD to post today when we were out for drinks the other night (I was buzzed, you were drunk...)

Do you think my birthday will be a good enough excuse to make the husbands be our designated drivers again on Friday?

sj said...

of course i didn't feel obligated to post. this was, in fact, your present.

just kidding.

and since when do we need an excuse to appoint designated drivers?
a) don't forget my husband doesn't drink (he doesn't seem to like me when we go out in public either, but that's nor here nor there. actually, he didn't get into it with the waitress this time, so i think we're cool.)
b) we will milk the birthday thing for weeks, if i can help it.

what are we doing friday night, anyway?

Chris said...

Happy birthday!

Hey, it's still the right day and everything. I rock.

Momma Bear said...

Happy Birthday KAT!

I can't wait to see wedding finery at DQ pics!!

Srg said...

Hey - you guys should come out to Fuji on Friday. We'll be there with the rest of the gang (chel, carie, erin, etc.) and there will be more than enough sake to go around!

sj said...

wait- where's fuji?

you don't mean... the fuji in the shop rite plaza, do you???

SouthernBelle said...

Hey Funny Gals, come play my blog game today : )

Anonymous said...

Kat-Happy belated birthday!

SJ- You're a good friend.

Love your blog, girls. I apologize for being weak on the comment love lately, but I promise I'm back now. Thank goodness you're still here!