Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't you already know enough about me?

I can't not get in on this little contest from our good bloggy buddy Andy.

That's why I'm responding to his challenge.
My mission? Write one post on my blog this week describing:
Something nobody knows about me, or
One of my favorites stories from my childhood, or
My 10 Top Favorite (Fill in the Blank).

And because you all know everything whacky about me - that leaves out a. And you all know I had a crazy childhood filled with goats, sheep, chickens and what not, that leaves out b.

So C it is.

My Top 10 Favorite uh... uh... let's go with - My Top 10 Favorite Holiday Things. Or:

Top 10 Favorite Things I Love About the Holidays

1) The days off. That sounds lame, I realize, but really. I couldn't be more ecstatic that this is a short week and that I will have the next four days off. The whole turkey thing is just icing. But not turkey-flavored icing. Because that'd be gross.
2) All the parties and reasons to get dressed up. I love getting dressed up in fancy holiday wear. And my company has a fancy schmancy party each year that requires me to get a new outfit every year. I loves it.
3) Getting to spend extra time with my family and friends. Holidays mean VISITORS! And ENTERTAINING! Two things I love, but don't get any of during the rest of the year. And I love cooking for friends. I just don't get to do it often.
4) Two words: Christmas Trees.
5) Two more words: Christmas Lights.
6) And two more: Santa Claus
7) Cookie swaps! I'm doing one through work this year. We had one in our family, but my poor sister got tired out with all of the stress it caused (and it's tough to organize and believe you me-- making 9 dozen cookies is no easy thing.)
8) ABC Family's 25 days of corny, lame, schmaltzy Christmas movies.
9) Slower month at work, allowing me time to regain my sanity and give me more hours in the week to work on all the year end crap I must face.
10) 24 hours of Christmas Carols.

Now, I realize that some of you out there may say "Boo - Christmas is so commercial. yada yada...."

But you know what? I don't care. Keep that thought to yourself, because I freaking love Christmas, all right?

And if I have to hear one more person complain about the fact that I am going to put up my two Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving, they're going to find themselves at the sharp pointy end of said tree. Like a freaking Christmas angel, all right?

Quit your whining and enjoy the freaking spirit of the freaking season, people.

Happy Holidays!



Sam_I_am said...

Did you ever see "A Mom For Christmas?" It was always my favorite Christmas movie.

sj said...

is that the one with Tyra Banks -- where she was a Barbie and wakes up and she's a real person?

If not, I probably saw it anyway. I love those things... huge guilty pleasure.

SouthernBelle said...

Great list - I wish i was in a cookie co-operative!

Ooh! I'm gonna put up the mini-tree complete with Hello Kitty ornaments that Husband bought me last year!

Andy said...

I love TNT's 24-hour A Christmas Story marathon. I also love your list. Kind of like how Steve Carell loves lamp in Anchorman.

Geiger Girl said...

"Quit your whining and enjoy the freaking spirit of the freaking season, people."

Hahah! I love it! Love everybody's blogs inspired by ARS I'll have to write one of these real soon.

jal12771 said...

great post SJ!! And just coming back from WDW and seeing *Some* decorations inspires me EVEN MORE!!

Bring on the Holiday Cheer!!

Sara said...

You are the only person I know who also enjoys the ABC family 25 days of christmas!

Can I also say that I so look forward to my husband's Christmas party...dressing up, open bar, good times !

Srg said...

I think I may have beat you this year. Our tree is already up! But then again, we only have ONE tree.

As for company parties - the big sports broadcaster cancelled their fancy holiday pary this year and I'm so bummed! Now I have a bunch of fancy dresses, but nowhere to go!

BTW - let me know if you guys are doing your carol sing again this year.

sj said...

we are! we're caroling on 12/23 with the neighborhood! come join us :)

joshlos said...

Nothing wrong with putting your tree up the day after Thanksgiving. But two trees? Eh... well... okay. That's cool. However, if you were to have put up any or all of them any sooner than Thanksgiving, then that's a whole different story...

kk said...

I LOVE Christmas!

I couldn't wait for the Christmas songs to hit the radio.

And I even do the Black Friday shopping thing.

(PS: thanks for visiting me!)