Thursday, September 25, 2008

10 Things I Believe

i got this little writing prompt from one of our favorite bloggers. Kathy comes up with these phenomenal prompts each week - and this is the first time I have my act together enough to actually follow along.

it may be true that i believe in more than 10 things, but these are just the thoughts that came to me as i lay awake this morning trying to get the ambition to get out of bed and ready for work, and then some more that came to me in my ridiculously long commute.

1) i believe that you will fall in love more than once in your lifetime, and likely, at one point, you will fall in love with someone who is completely wrong for you -- but that doesn't make it wrong.

2) i believe life is short and you should never skip homemade desserts for exactly that reason.

3) i believe in the formidable power of a sexy black lace bra and matching panties under a well-tailored suit. i've rarely felt more confident and powerful than in my old favorites-- even if no one else could see what was underneath.

4) i believe that you are never too old for the comfort of a teddy bear.

5) i believe in a woman's right to choose, which coincides with:

6) i believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but they are not entitled to belittle others about their choices and opinions. i believe in a healthy debate, but only among willing participants. not everyone likes to share, and that's okay. unless you have a homemade dessert. then all bets are off. you had better share.

7) i believe in the healing power of a child's smile. whenever i'm feeling particularly angry, upset or bitter over something, all it takes is some time with my nephews before i feel fully restored.

8) i believe you should always read the book first.

9) i believe you should always use spf 45 and wear a hat in the sun but you should not freak out about the little lines that form around your eyes and mouth. there's a reason they got there, and likely it's from the good times (and bad) that got you to where you are.

10) i believe in having no regrets.

current itunes song: "let's hear it for the boy" by deniece williams


Diane said...

Love this post!

Andy said...

I have a basketball pillow that I've had around since I was 8th grade. I sleep with it every night. Even if there's a girl over.
Oh- and you're welcome about the shout-out. It's well deserved.

- C - said...

Yumm... homemade desserts!

Srg said...

I still sleep with my pooh bear that J gave me back when we were dating. He's 10 years old now!

And when you have a chance, could you pass me one of those cupcakes? Thanks!

scargosun said...

Yea! I love your list! I feel like printing all the lists from today out and decopaging my office walls with them.

hautepocket said...

Great list! I couldn't agree more with Number 1. I'm so glad you wrote that, because I've been thinking a lot lately about a very similar issue.

Molly said...

I think I agree with everything you said! But seriously, I thought you were the braless and pantyless one out the two of you!!!

FunnyGal KAT said...

Amen to them all, but especially number 9. I've been seeing a few more lines on my face lately and comfort myself by repeating, "They are LAUGH lines, they are LAUGH lines." Seriously, I love looking at older people with lines around their mouths and eyes because you can just imagine all the laughter that created them.

Very well written, Miss SJ.

Weeksie50 said...

It was fun making a list of things I believed in.. It really made me think..

SouthernBelle said...

Hmm, I am TRYING very hard to feel you on number 9, but it seems like in just the last couple of weeks I have become a candidate for all manner of Olay Regenerist-type products. I'm hoping it's just the dry fall weather, but it's also 2 weeks 'til my 29th birthday, so... yikes! But it is my own fault for being lazy about sunscreen.

I'm pretty much with you on all the others though, espesh the teddy bear one. I have Lamby the stuffed lamb that I've had since I was a child, a Hello Kitty that Husband gave me for my 21st, and a wheat-pillow teddy bear (of somewhat unsettling appearance since my dog Missy ate his plastic eyes).

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

love your post!
but sorry i never read the book first! lol

angie said...

I love Kat's prompts. Excellent list here. I wanted to this one too but I felt too much pressure. WHat if I forget something core? :)

landofennui said...

WHat a great list. And so true.

Mama's Losin' It said...

Love this list!! And you're so right...there is just something about an innocent smile on the lips of a toddler that is incredibly satisfying.