Friday, February 01, 2008

I tell him everyday how lucky he is to have me

I know I've talked about the morning routine in the house of KAT. To sum it up, it's, well, it's a little one-sided.

While I also have to shower and do some shaving and get dressed to go to work, I get to do it with two dogs running around trying to covertly poop where I won't see it and perhaps rip off the other's ear if they can manage. All together now: "Boy, does the PH have it made!"

Don't believe me? Oh, you will when I tell you what got added to my list of chores this morning. In addition to everything else, I had to get under the hood of the car the PH was driving to work and CHECK THE OIL. Seven o'clock this morning, in my pajamas, freezing my butt off, with the neighbors all coming out to warm up their cars. There I was, the neighborhood grease monkey.

In the PH's defense (not that he deserves one!), he does wear a suit to work that he didn't want to get stained and I am much better at checking and filling the oil than he is, but still...

If he asks me to rotate the tires for him, I'm putting my foot down.


Anonymous said...

Kat.. you are spoiling him... or already have... Checking his oil? DARN GIRL!!! You ARE the PERFECT wife!! ;-)

The Pretend Husband said...

O.K. I have remained silent long enough. Anyone reading this blog has me pinned as a lazy, good for nothing dead beat that gets ticked off in the middle of the night and wears wool sweaters to sleep on the cold floor in spite of the fact there is a perfectly comfortable warm bed available (yes, that goes back a ways for you new viewers). So, hear I am to tell you about the "real" weekly routine.

Yes, I do get up, shower, get dressed and head out the door with lunch in hand on most days. I am very appreciative of how smooth KAT makes my mornings. However, my day starts with being in the office by 7:30 a.m. and getting home around 6 p.m. (if I am lucky).

Upon coming home, I start "MY weekly routine." This entails doing the dishes, taking the dogs out, feeding them, cooking my dinner, folding laundry and possibly attending sporting events late at night and being the most supportive PH that one can be.

On the weekend, "sleeping in" until 7:30 is the norm. Upon waking up, I take the dogs out, feed them, take the dogs out and then begin my weekend project. Whether it is painting, cleaning or doing the laundry list of errands on the "honey do" list, I assure you that I am sitting in bed eating bond bonds. You have not lived until you have had the pleasure of being on a step ladder while balancing spackle,a hammer and a paint chip eating 14 week old puppy that can jump over 4 foot baby gates.

So, valued viewers, there are two sides to every story. My side will remain silent no longer. Until next time....


KAT's little sis said...

I have to say I agree a bit with the PH. While KAT's morning routine may sound a bit taxing, she has been known to be home at 3:00pm, taking naps and doing a crossword puzzle while the PH is still slaving at work. And she doesn't even have dinner on the table when he gets home! This debate about who has it worse could go on forever...let's just say the dogs are the ones who have it made and leave it at that.

Molly said...

Cry me a river you two! Have Ned for a week and then see what real work is like! Being woken at 5:30am, even on the weekends, cleaning up poop, waiting on him hand and foot. I'm bloody exhausted. Can we swap lives for a week?

sj said...

well, i shared this with j yesterday when we were headed towards anonymous' house to watch the big game.

his response, and mine was:

"bonds bonds?"

FunnyGal KAT said...

Yeah, he wouldn't let me edit it before he posted it. I think he was afraid I'd change it around to suit my own purposes.

And I think I may have created a monster. I just called him at work to tell him some news and his response was, "Should I write about it for the blog?"