Monday, February 04, 2008

random thoughts on hannah montana, the manning brothers and other crazy weekendness

first off: #&#%* groundhog!

but onto today. i have my morning ritual down to a science, but unfortunately, i was never any good at science. this morning, before i left the house, i managed to forget a sweater (because they keep the heat set to "refrigerator" in my office), my lunch, my navigation doohickey and my ipod.

the worst of these things was my missing ipod, because without it, i am forced to listen to the morning shows. i generally like listening to KC101 out of New Haven, but I couldn't stomach a morning recap of the patriots losing to adorable manning brother #2 (who looks like a 16 year old wearing his big brother's pads *and* who lost me my office pool by scoring that last touch down). i do still harbor a crush on manning brother #1 ever since his humorous SNL hosting (where he is remarkably funnier than tom brady - who is nice on the eyes, but the flippers are a little too far apart in his pinball game, if you know what i mean).

oddly, that was not what i tuned in for, however. they spent a better part of a half hour discussing hannah montana. my normal world doesn't include a lot of miley cyrus/hannah montana discussion, so i was a little out of the loop when i went to the movies this weekend and was nearly run over in the ladies room by a mob of 10 year olds wearing blonde wigs and hot pink accessories. apparently, the "behind the scenes" 3D movie of hannah/miley was in theaters for a limited engagement.

you have never seen such a ridiculously unappealing line before in your life. the star wars line and harry potter lines were both infinitely better than the screaming, shrill cavalcade of pre-teen girls that was approaching the theater. i'm hoping and praying that if i do have a child, and if it happens to be a girl, hannah montana will be a 30 year old mother of two by the time little Penelope can go to the movies.

but we did watch the game with anonymous and her family, which is always a good time. little e managed to amuse himself by this game that involved stacking dvds on my lap, and then stacking them on the other side of the room. i had no idea i was playing, but it really didn't bother e.

and my vote for favorite super bowl ad: the doritos mouse trap ad. i didn't see them all (i admit that i switched over to the complete jane austen on masterpiece theater at 9), but this one and the "follow your heart" careerbuilder commercial were funny to me.

what were your favorites?


Molly said...

Um, this is my "I'm not American" side showing up because I don't watch any football, not even the Super Bowl, so I can't tell you what my favorite commercial was! Sorry, the games are just too long, your men wear sissy head gear and protective pads and I can't understand it. Give me a game of rugby any day of the week!

sj said...

well, molly. i understand. i do. my cousin actually is the captain of the rugby team at her college, so i also understand.

but you're missing out on the commercials! go here to see them:

Srg said...

Ok - I was thoroughly unimpressed by the commercials this year. Naomi Campbell and a bunch of lizards dancing to Thriller? The godfather re-entactment with the car grill in the guy's bed (although the Audi was pretty hot.) The GoDaddy ads were pretty stupid and just had too many ads.

The FedEx/carrier pigeon and the Budweiser clydesdale/dalmatian Rambo re-make weren't too bad.

FunnyGal KAT said...

I was forced to sit through the whole thing with a huge group of Giants fans, so I paid close attention to the commercials (the only part that interested me for the majority of the game). I thought the Justin Timberlake ad (for Pepsi?) was well-done. And the Pepsi commercial with everyone falling asleep and then waking up after drinking it and doing dance moves was a hit.

And the PH lost out on something like $800 when that last touchdown got scored. It's some fantasy league thing that is all very confusing, but has proved to be pretty profitable for him this year.

sj said...

i too lost my office pool on that last touchdown.... had the score ended in 14-10 (or actually 14-20 or 14-13) i would have won $250.

i actually had no idea that that was naomi campbell dancing with the lizards. but i thought it was odd.

i did think the pepsi one was great.

zendona said...

As you may or may not know, I'd rather shave my legs with a cheese grater before watching a sporting event, but the pinball-flipper comment, literally LOL.

I am stealing that one.

P.S. Wasn't Masterpiece Theater divine last night?

Mike Todd said...

I second the pinball flipper comment - nicely done. And my favorite commercial in the "Racist Cartoon Panda" category was the salesgenie one. Am I the only one who thought that commercial was, like, freakin' racist? Consulting the Google....nope. The internet agrees with me! Now back to searching for naked people...

sj said...

Ray, I would usually agree with you completely re: watching sporting events. But the commercials are usually worth watching.

and YES, masterpiece theater has been superb for the past 4 weeks, since it's been showcasing one of my all-time favorite authors: jane austen!

it's true that i'm in love with colin firth. or. well. mr. darcy, really.

mike, i agree whole-heartedly. we were all talking about the panda commercial yesterday, so i guess it accomplished it's mission in one respect.

and if google agrees, then it must be true :)

Anonymous said...

It was a fun superbowl party w/ SJ and her hubby. Sj's chili.. ROCKS!! I could not get ENOUGH of it!!
E was entertaining himself.. and not doing bodly flips off the couch- -that is all that counts.

as for the commercials..well the Horse in training was a huge hit for me. Loved it!! I did not get to see the Mouse/Dorito one since I was putting E to sleep but I did watch it online-- very funny as well. Pigeons were funny as was well!!