Thursday, January 31, 2008

Calling his bluff

I don’t eat red meat. And I certainly don’t touch red meat.

I do eat chicken, but still have a hard time handling it before it’s been cooked.

Which is how this neat little deal was put together…

The other morning, I made the Pretend Husband a roast beef sandwich for lunch. He was pleasantly shocked that I had and said, “Were you grossed out touching the roast beef?” I said yes, which led to a discussion of how I don’t mind cooking dinner, but I do get very squeamish about touching raw meat.

But the PH loooooves red meat, especially steak. So, he struck a deal, using leverage that I think he knew would definitely work on me.

“If you make me a steak dinner every night for a month, I’ll impregnate you.” Ha ha, we laughed it off and moved on because we've agreed that the whole having sex for anything other than pleasure will not happen until next year (although I’m thinking spring-ish of next year, while I think the PH is looking forward to some post-Thanksgiving fun…)

Anyway, I called the PH this morning and said, “You remember our deal? It’s on.”

Suddenly, the PH isn’t such a big fan of steak.


sj said...

wow. that's some deal.

i'd have been knocked up *ages* ago if it were that easy to convince j. although, that's a lot of beef for one man to consume. it would be fairly easy to execute -- one giant beef tenderloin, chopped into little round steaks.

last year some time we had said that it would be this year... and now we say next year... this year will be our 4th anniversary and we've always said 5 years.

plus, we get *a lot* of questions from j's mom. but we're both kind of at the point where next year may look a little better.

but ask me again when we get back from disney with anonymous and little e.

Molly said...

SJ, other people's kids are just not as fun because you can't spank them like you can your own kids! And, other peoples kids are far more irritating that your own.

Kat, I think that the PH would actually die from clogged arteries if he ate steak every night for a month, before he could get you preggers. Do it the good old fashioned way, wait until you are both so drunk you think "sod the birth control" and then you wake up the next morning thinking "what on earth did I do that for?"!!

Lisa said...

ahahahahahaha. That is so funny.

SO what about if you fix him eggs? Does that make you feel kind of icked out? Its not meat but there are some nasty things you can get from them.

Srg said...

He - you might want to avoid going to disney w/little ones otherwise you'll never want to get pregnant! Of course, you could always turn out like that disney commercial, where the girl says that her little brother is a "souvenir!"

But I totally agree w/Molly - other people's kids are always more irritating than your own.

I vote that KAT and sj should get pregnant at the same time! Talk about great stories for the blog!