Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a pictorial diary of sj's hair-capades

A recent posting by my bloggy buddy Ray made me think long and hard about all of my hair-rors throughout the years. mostly, i shook my head in fear at the recollections, but there were a few good moments (2000-2005 were all good years.)

While you may recall some of my more recent follies, there have been some other moments of hair-raising bad decisions (to be honest, i really liked my bangs. dying my hair black may not have been my best choice ever, but it wasn't terrible.)

i've done much worse. like the perm I got my freshmen year of high school. or the super short pixie do i sported immediately after the perm (i really, really thought i could look like demi moore in ghost. alas, i could not.)

there were also some trying times back in the late 90s when i was *really* into tori amos and the cure that I'm not really that proud of. for example:

and of course, i'm not afraid to reveal my bad hair days.

and now where do we stand? well, we stand half red, half black, not long, not short. but i think it's about time for a change. so let's vote! long or short, keep it dark, or get highlights?


Anonymous said...

i personally always liked you with the long hair... even when mom would comb it and you would have snarls.. and scream.. oh sorry.. flashback..
keep it long and dark

sj said...

it's okay, anonymous. i still scream when i comb my hair every morning. i realize i should be lucky because i have so much of it.

plus, now i know the magic of detangler or leave-in conditioner.

come to think of it, they did have this stuff back then. i think mom was just cruel.

FunnyGal KAT said...

I vote for everything you named... all at once.

If not, how about the hairstyle you had for my wedding? It looked great. Of course, it would mean getting up even earlier than you do in order to get it looking like that every morning, but I think it's a small sacrifice for looking as smokin' as you did that day!

sj said...

i think it must have been your bridal euphoria that has obstructed your memory of my hair that day, which may have put my normal 5'8" height to above six feet.

although after i patted down a few times, it did eventually shrink down to be a little more manageable. but i totally felt like a pageant queen.

(this was mostly my fault. i did after all ask for an updo, with the caveat that i'd like her to do her best to hide my red roots. apparently the way to do that is to cover every inch of red with a black bobby pin and hair spray.)

Molly said...

Long. And you do look like Lisa Loeb. A bit. I have no clue as to what color you should have it, I need to see more pictures with a bigger variety of color.

zendona said...

So when do the "bad" pics of your hair come out? I think you look awesome in all your wacky hairstyles. You seem like such a "why be normal?" chick....
So I ask you, "Why be normal?"
Keep rockin' the doos.
You look great.

sj said...

that's really sweet, ray, but did you not see the picture from my snow day last year? it may be able to scare small children.

and i like that you think of me as the why be normal chick. it's probably right on, if you ask SRG or KAT... or my sister, who has had a front row to some very interesting phases in my life (although, i should say - i still *love* the cure).

i have to confess that i have destroyed most of the pictures from my permed days so there is no good evidence of that very bad decision.

and long it shall remain. molly, i'll see if i can dig out any better color pictures, but right now, it's a mottle of red and dark, dark brown (the black has mostly faded). it was my best effort to match KAT's wedding colors. but i'm up for anything. i haven't been blonde in about 25 years...

Anonymous said...

ohh i need to search my photos!!
KAT.. can I post photos to the blog??:-)

oshamrockin123 said...

Hi SJ - Thought I would drop by to put in my two cents worth... I'm not one to follow the latest fads... (my daughter still cringes when I wear my "paisley" but what can I say? I like what I like!)... so I'm probably not the best person to offer an opinion! But I really like the second picture in this post. Your hair looks rich and healthy and you look positively devilish :)

sj said...

Why thank you, oshamrockin...

i for one like to ignore the latest fads and make up my own. just ask KAT, who has called my fashion sense into question many a time here on this blog (i am the girl that will always wear a dress with sneakers and leggings because it's comfortable. and i actually wore a dress while riding s.pace mountain -- not easily done, but i managed it without getting kicked out of the disney parks.)

and there's nothing at all wrong with paisley ;)

Srg said...

Riding a dress on space mountain?? LOL - good thing that restraint comes down over your lap!!

As for hair - i really like reddish-auburn hair (you can pull off red hair way better than I can, even though we both have fair complexions) and a nice just-below-the-shoulder cut, with some layers on the sides to frame your face. You've got the straight hair for it, while mine just poofs up into curls at the slightest hint of humidity!