Saturday, April 14, 2007

bang! bang!

Notice anything different? (I bet you didn't. Since I used the same exact opening line as KAT).

I know what you're thinking. Dear GOD she's actually using capitalization! But no, it's not that.

I *did* get my hair cut. All of them in fact, and in particular, my bangs. I'm not sure if this was the best decision I've ever made, in fact. I have what they call "chinese bangs." And seeing as I am not Chinese, I'm not sure if they actually go with the rest of me. I'm actually considering now coloring it dark brown in an effort to look exactly like the cover of Amelie. Except my eyebrows aren't that arched, and I'm not that skinny or French. But I'm totally that pale.

So the jury is still out. But hair grows back (this is what I told my husband, who's not the biggest fan of the Vidal Sassoon circa 1968 look). I'm just not so sure how many hats I'll have to wear between now and next month when they've grown to the tip of my nose.


Molly said...

I think it looks very chic and your hair is very shiny! You will get used to it, give it a week and your hair will "settle" as my mother used to tell me!

KAT said...

Hmmm... I like Jackie Chan movies and General Tso chicken in my favorite, so I think I'm going to like the Chinese bangs.

Hey, maybe I could require all the bridesmaids to get matching haircuts for the wedding! (That's not too bridezilla-ish, is it?)

sj said...


molly- thank you. my mom said the same thing about the shiny. when i saw her this morning, she said to me "it's not as shiny..." so apparently i washed all the sparkle out, which means i may end up coloring it now.

and kat - you know i'd totally do whatever you wanted. dye it red to match the guys' vests? you bet. i'd even dye it black with red highlights to really pull it all together.