Friday, October 19, 2007

hot in the city

last night, in honor of a good friend and office-mate (although, sadly, no longer a direct office mate, as she now works in our manhattan office), my work-bff jill and i took to the big apple to meet bb.

it's a very rare occasion that i hit new york. in fact, i prefer to do it with KAT, an entire cheesecake and some serious martinis at this place we found on 16th street that has a specialty of "mac and cheese." (which reminds me, KAT, we need to do that again, but this time, hit Crumbs for giant cupcakes with names like "the devil dog", etc.)

however, from time to time, me and a couple of the girls from work (both used to live in the city on the upper east side) like to do it up. last night was one of those nights.

for october 18th, it was surprisingly warm, so my knee high boots and hot pink trench were not the best choice i could have made (but it looked so cool!), particularly when i was sandwiched in the 6th train headed towards 23rd street and park. it was hot, hot, hot, and that's something i just don't feel when i'm all sweaty and stuff.

but it was worth the comedy that my outfit caused - because as i was leaving work yesterday to catch the train in darien, one of the execs told me "wow- pink on black - mee-ow." seriously? who "me-ows?" at all? or in public? in an *office?!* all i can say, is thank GOD we weren't in the city when he said it, else i end up on Overheard in NY.

so i'm in the office exceptionally early this morning, since i stayed with jill in her insanely beautiful colonial on a cul de sac in new canaan (one of the top 10 most wealthy communities in the us, which makes me want to go volunteer in a soup kitchen now, as i feel republican by association).

i'm also starting to rethink that second bottle of white wine.

but - in the end, so, so worth it.


S said...

I'm so jealous! I absolutely love living it up in manhattan...i wish i had enough money to get an apartment down there. Right in the west village, near my favorite new restaurant - Perilla. Anyway, you'll have to let me know the next time you and KAT decide to go down there for those martinis and giant cupcakes.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Oooh, cheesecake! And giant martinis! Name a day and I'll be in New York with you. What you failed to mention about the cheesecake was the fact that we asked for it with two forks and dug into it on the train ride home. Oh yeah, people who just worked a full day on their long commute home while we whip out an entire cheesecake and start chowing down. It's good to be us!