Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More of an Excited Elizabeth than a Nervous Nelly

Heeeeeeeeere's KAT! I have been out of commission for more than a week while I got the newspapers ready for the presses and had a bunch of issues with them (ha! issues! get it?). But now I'm back for a bit until my wedding next week and then I hope you'll forgive me for not posting while I'm on my honeymoon. But I'd like to take this opportunity to remind SJ that when she got married, I wrote the follow-up column for the newspaper for her (SJ was something of a local celebrity when we worked at the paper and had tons of followers for her column about her marriage preparations). So, SJ, if you were to write a follow-up about my wedding for the blog, that'd be a great payback. That's all I'm saying.

When people find out our wedding is a little over a week away, I get a lot of, "Are you nervous?" And no one believes me when I say no. I'm excited, but not nervous. What's there to be nervous about? I got my nails done today complete with a neck massage, I arrive home to find presents on my doorstep, I'm anticipating a week in Aruba and I'm marrying the love of my life. That's nothing but exciting, baby!

OK, I have a "few" tasks to complete but, eh, it'll all get done. And if it doesn't, bowls of M&Ms as centerpieces.


Molly said...

SJ has ignored two emails I sent her asking for your address so I could send you a wedding card, so a "happy wedding day on your blog" will have to do! Maybe she thinks I will stalk you and refused to give it out, or maybe she thinks that if I showed up you would become my best friend instead of her because I make fabulous martinis and chocolate mousse? Or maybe, and I think I am hitting the nail on the head with this one, she just doesn't read her email as OFTEN AS SHE SHOULD! Happy wedding day!

FunnyGal KAT said...

SJ just got called out on her own blog! Fight... fight... fight!

I think you might be right, Mollymoo. SJ's pretty protective of my best friend status. She once knifed a girl just for talking to me!

Thanks for the good wishes. I will be over to your blog sometime soon, I promise.

sj said...

oh man. molly totally called me out! molly, please don't mistake my absent-mindedness for purposeful ignorance.

i don't want to actually admit this, but i don't actually *know* kat's address. i just show up at the house by sight.

i'll figure it out eventually -- hopefully before christmas.

sj said...

i did once say, KAT...

"if i ever killed someone, KAT would be the one I'd call to help me drag the body across the floor..."

Molly said...

I remember that comment, now I am wondering if that will be my body you are dragging!!!

Fine, I will accept your pitiful excuses now that I have had to resort to sending good wishes via the blog and of course, shall keep the wedding present money that I had planned to send all to myself!!!

Lisa said...

Ohhhh. Yeay. So happy and excited FOR you.

Have fun on that honeymoon. And hope you both post pics of the big day. :-)