Wednesday, January 05, 2011

After you...

I tried to hit some stores last week to return some items and see what kind of sales were going on, but didn't stay out after seeing the mob scene all the shopping areas were hosting. Figuring most people would be back to work this week, FunnyKid and I ventured out. And, for the most part, things were fine.

What was surprising, though, was the number of people who have no regard for the fact that I was maneuvering a baby in a stroller. I actually had people line up behind me to go in the same door rather than open the next door over for themselves. There were also one or two people who walked up to a door, went through it and kept going rather than stopping to hold it open for us.

But the worst was a 20-year-old girl who, despite the fact that I was backing out of the door and pulling the stroller after me, decided she HAD to use that door and not the perfectly good one right next to it. And apparently her business in the bookstore was urgent because she didn't want to wait for the stroller to get out of the door behind me and actually tried to slip between me and FunnyKid's stroller in order to get in.

Really?!? She was thwarted by the fact that I refused to let go of the stroller, but dashed inside as soon as the stroller cleared the doorway. Because it would have apparently been too much to ask for her to grab the door for me and FunnyKid to get through, and not at all inconvenient for the person trying to BACK OUT of the door WITH A STROLLER to hold it for another person.

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Sam_I_am said...

people are buttholes. When someone doesn't hold the door for someone, it makes me want to hit them.

BTW, I emailed you something at your funny.gals account. You might want to check it out.