Monday, January 17, 2011

Confusing the family tree

FunnyKid looks A LOT like his dad (the Pretend Husband) (who, just to confuse things further, is actually my real husband). So, anyway, FunnyKid looks like such a miniature version of the PH that I considered asking for a DNA test to make sure he was actually mine.

Which is why it was so strange when yesterday, in church, a woman asked the PH if he was the uncle and he said yes! I think some of the woman's confusion stemmed from the fact that kat's lil bro (i.e. FunnyKid's actual uncle) went to church with us and somehow ended up sitting between the PH and I. Where the PH's confusion came from is beyond me.

When I looked at him funny and said, "You're not the uncle, you're the dad," the woman replied, "Oh, *that's* why the baby looks so much like you!"

In the PH's defense, FunnyKid looks so much like him, he assumed the woman was joking about how they are related. But, still, I told him denying paternity of our son (especially in church, where everyone knows we are married!) is not funny.

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KM said...

I wanted to tell you thanks for all your comments on my blog!!!! I was going through the comments today and thought I was following evrybody that follows my blog. I never saw your profile pic and name pop up under my followers and that is why I must have over looked following your blog :( I am now following your blog!!! Thanks for the follow and comments. BTW I have been looking at Etsy and ordered my first item the other day...a frog hat for Lil Man :)