Sunday, October 17, 2010

I love it when a plan comes together....

While life with FunnyKid is far from perfect (anyone with ANY advice about how to get this kid to take a freakin' bottle-- I beg you to leave a comment!), it does work out at times. Take two weeks ago. I spent two days and nights in a row feeding FunnyKid every hour and a half. Yes, I slept for 90 minutes at a time for two whole nights and was barely surviving.

When someone asked me how well FunnyKid was sleeping (for some reason, people love to hear about a baby's sleep habits), I confessed things were going poorly. "But he turns six weeks old on Thursday," I said. "I hear that's when everything gets better. I expect him to sleep through the night on Thursday night."

We both chuckled and moved on to other topics, but wouldn't you know it? FunnyKid slept for more than seven hours straight on Thursday night. I love this kid (but seriously, any advice about getting him to take a bottle?)


Nanc Twop said...

how to get this kid to take a freakin' bottle...

Add gin?

Oops, wrong age guy. ;-)

But seriously,
some Bottle-feeding tips. Good Luck!

Pollyanna said...

We were soooo naive when we had our first kid. At her eight week check up, the nurse asked about her eating and sleeping habits and we said that we had started to wake her up every four hours to make sure she ate. We didn't know that once she started sleeping longer we were supposed to let her do that because they told us in the hospital to make sure she ate every four hours! We even set alarms!!!!

As for taking a bottle, you should not be the one introducing it if you've been nursing. All he can smell is you and your milk and that's all he's going to want. If it's not an option, let him nurse for a bit, then try the bottle. If he's not ravenously hungry, he may be more accomodating to something different. (This also holds true when introducing cereal around 4-6 months. You start with a bottle, then try the cereal because a hungry baby doesn't like interuptions in the routine.)

Good luck!

dzee said...

Try changing the nipple on the bottles..that worked for mine..they just didn't like the feel of the one I had been using.

sj's mom said...

Yes agree with first comment especially about having someone else give bottle and try not to be near. Also the nipple does make a difference to nursing babies sometimes also so do try to have PH change the nipple as he gives the bottle. Sounds like Funnykid is doing great but hate to tell you that you have many years ahead of you of losing sleep! It is just a part of being a mom....wait till you wait up for him to come home..

Amelia said...

Good luck with that! None of my kids would take bottles & I tried everything.

Sorry, I guess that wasn't very helpful. What I do know, is that even the hardest phases don't last forever. I try to be happy where I'm at, because soon, I'll be somewhere else.

(By the way, I wandered here from Cjane's blog. Just in case you were wondering.)