Thursday, October 21, 2010

Life lessons I learned from my two-year-old nephew

Kat's lil sis has been visiting for the last two weeks with the world's cutest nephews. While our days have been full of plenty of craziness, there has been time to slow down and see the world from my two-year-old nephew Peyton's level. And what a world it is! I now give you the lessons I've learned from Peyton during his visit (feel free to start putting them to use yourself):

Life's too short to take the time to sit still for photographs.

It's a tasty world out there. Plus it totally grosses out the grown-ups when you lick shopping carts, your hands after touching the floor of a restaurant, etc.

If you don't like something, throw a pacifier at it.

If you like something, throw a pacifier at it.

If you want to get a laugh, throw a pacifier.

Patting your cousin lovingly on the head will get you huge points with your aunt.

Sitting on the floor of the grocery store may help you get your way. Or it may get you left there. It's a chance you should be willing to take.

When you get the chance to visit a playground, make sure you play the heck out of it.

Fruits and vegetables are overrated. Hold out for cookies and M&Ms.

Silly faces and cute games will get you places, especially with your aunt.

Not being able to pronounce relative's names is not a problem as long as you give them cool nicknames (just ask Aunt Kat and The Dude).


Kelli said...

My nephew called my husband 'uncle Bad' for a while when he couldn't say Brad. It's still pretty cute.

thechrlog said...

Dear KAT and sj.

It seems congratulations are in order for both. So congratulations!

One question - who got Pearloshondria? if you don't quite understand what I am talking about.