Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ack! I've been hit!

Yesterday, the pretend sister-in-law asked me if I had been pooped on yet. I proudly said no. An hour later, FunnyKid got me.

The Pretend Husband and I were standing behind our vehicle while I changed FunnyKid in the back area. I had gotten one diaper off and was wiping him down when all of a sudden, poop shot out of his butt and hit me up one arm and across my stomach-- which was more than two feet away at the time. Two feet!

The PH almost fell on the ground from the effort of not laughing at my predicament. I had mercy on him and told him he could laugh. I would have been laughing at the kiddo's talents myself if-- you know-- I hadn't been covered in poop and all (and me having used the last wipe in the diaper bag!)

I'm chalking this one up to rookie error and vowing it will never happen again (while secretly proud of my son's firing abilities!)


Kelli said...

Here's the deal, I'm not a parent. And I'm cool with the fact that you are, but I'll tell you like one of my twitter friends, you're going to need to give me a warning! @SavannahB has a #pooptweet hashtag that she uses religiously as well as the #NSFC (not safe for childless). You have to ease us into these things.

Pollyanna said...

My daughter did this to me too! My dad just sat on the couch laughing at me (don't know where Hubby was at the time) - uggg!

We learned to have full packages of wipes EVERYWHERE. Those plastic tubs don't hold the moisture very well and the wipes will dry up if you don't use them up in a month. At Target, they have individual packages with their own pop-up lid. They look like the re-fills for your plastic tub, but it has a lid that you can close - these hold moisture much better. Stick one of these in each car, in the baby's room, your room, your family room, your mom's, etc. Use the thin plastic container for the diaper bag, but know that you've always got a stash in the car.

My kids haven't been in diapers for a couple of years and I still keep a package in the car. It's great for quick clean ups of sticky hands & faces.

Srg said...

The same thing happened to me once! Only it was 2am and I was half asleep at the time. It was enough to wake me up tho, that's for sure! And to this day I still laugh about it.

Sarah said...

Oh, you shouldn't have said anything. I was quite proud that I went something like two months without getting sprayed, and then made the mistake of mentioning that to someone. Needless to say, the very next time I changed a diaper, I got nailed.

Sam_I_am said...

My nephew pooped on my mom a few hours after he was born, before he had even eaten on the outside. He was saving it up. Always keep the diaper between u and any place that diaper type things come from