Thursday, September 16, 2010

Confirming what I already knew...

Remember that "Seinfeld" episode where the gang went to see friends who had an ugly baby and had to come up with compliments even though they could hardly look at the kid? The Pretend Husband and I are aware that all parents think their kids are the cutest things ever and took our own feelings that FunnyKid is the cutest kid ever with a grain of salt.

But then we got it confirmed by a panel of judges. I stopped by my hair salon last week to introduce the FunnyKid to my hairstylist, a nice, nice woman in her sixties. I failed to realize that we were stopping by on a Friday, which is old lady day at the salon as they all get fixed up to last through the weekend.

So, not only did FunnyKid get complimented by my stylist, we were asked to walk down the row of chairs as each person paid him a compliment. "He looks like a doll." "Oh, he's precious." "Bless you, you are just perfect." Then we paraded back up the row, collecting compliments on the way. It was like our own personal parade.

I'm telling you; if you ever start to feel bad about yourself, pick a hair salon that caters to older clientele and stop by on a Friday. You will be showered with compliments (either that, or FunnyKid truly is the cutest kid ever. Yes, let's go with that).


KAT's lil sis said...

Well, as his auntie, I think he is the cutest thing ever (and I, of course, am not biased ;) !

Sam_I_am said...

My mom and I had a disagreement. She says no babies are "Ugly" and I said I've seen some woofers. Fortunately, FunnyKid isn't anywhere near a woofer. He's got the required chubby little cheeks and tiny little hands and preciously little face. All the mixings for an adorable baby :)

Pollyanna said...

I've seen the few pictures you've posted and you do have a very pretty baby.

I love going out and about with my kids, but I especially love going out with my youngest.

She has gorgeous dark red hair - the kind people pay for in a salon, but for them, it never comes out the same as what she has naturally. She gets complimented on it a lot and I'm the one saying thank you. As though I had put a whole lot of effort into getting her hair just that color. She's the one that picked out the good genes when she was being conceived - smart cookie that one is.

Kellie said...

Ahhh... finally getting into a routine and my little nugget is sleeping and I'm finally now seeing your baby pics. He is a cutie. For sure. :) Totally worth it, I know what you mean!