Monday, June 21, 2010

Funny runs in the family...

I am anticipating a visit from the two cutest nephews (Peyton is 21 months old and Wyatt is six months old) in the world in a few weeks and my emails to their mom (kat's lil sis) reflect that. I ended one the other day with "Tell Peyton I can't wait to give him kisses!" (referring to this thing he and I do where I sneak up on him, say "I'm going to give you... KISSES!" and then kiss his cheeks like crazy).

lil sis wrote back, "And what should I tell Wyatt?"

I responded, "Wyatt and I don't have a 'thing' yet. Tell him we will work on that when he's here."

lil sis then responded with, "Okay, he says he wants some kind of secret handshake with you. Something Peyton won't know about! Gosh, the sibling rivalry starts already."

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