Monday, May 10, 2010

Scenes from Mother's Day

* I had a bet with a coworker that the Pretend Husband would not mark Mother's Day in any way, thinking I'm not yet a mother (and I kind of agree with that thinking). But a bunch of people told the PH to wish me a happy Mother's Day and he got nervous. He came home and said, "I don't have to do anything for Mother's Day, do I?" I replied, "You use your best judgment." He knows the code, so of course he had to do something to mark the day.

* I had breakfast in bed delivered to me. And by "breakfast," I am referring to a day-old doughnut and a bottle of water because the PH couldn't find the decaf coffee. But I'm not complaining-- it was very "him."

* The PH was soooo proud of the card he picked out for me, which wished the mother-to-be a happy Mother's Day. He was even more proud that, standing in a group of 30 guys facing a rack of only 20 cards left, he found the perfect one and grabbed it before anyone else (ah, that competitive spirit). He was so proud of it, he even read it out loud to me after I had read it to myself. It was sweet to see. Then I opened the mail from the day before and discovered kat's lil sis had sent the same card. The PH called her up and gave her all kinds of grief about how, of all the cards in the store, she had to choose the same one he did.

* I decided I really wanted Mexican food yesterday and only a certain chain restaurant would do. As we set off for the only one in the state, the PH and I discussed how crowded we thought the restaurant would be-- he was sure there would be a wait and I thought most people were going to take Mom out to somewhere nicer. So we bet on it, wagering-- uh-- something married couples sometimes wager. I won and quickly sent off a text message to kat's lil sis announcing my victory: "We got right in and had our choice of tables. Don't call us around 3-- I'll be collecting my prize!"

* We decided to finish up the day by preparing for the Funny Kid. We touched up the paint in the nursery and then made plans to go out and pick up the crib we chose. After running through the store-- the PH told me he was proud of me for keeping the trip short-- we decided we would go home, have dinner together and assemble the crib before going to bed. That was before we found out the crib wasn't in stock. Because of a complicated thing involving a discount only if we bought a bunch of stuff in the same day, our night instead included us driving 40 minutes to another store-- grabbing fast food on the way-- and rushing home to feed our very hungry dogs before trying to get some work done and falling into bed at midnight. Ah well, if that doesn't prepare me for the kiddo, I'm not sure what will.

(Feel free to debate whether I deserved to celebrate Mother's Day. I'm kind of on the fence because I haven't even done the hard work yet. But still, I'm not complaining about a day of taking it easy and getting pampered by the PH!)


kk said...

All those trips to the icky doctor and exams and people touching you. Not to mention you're GROWING A HUMAN LIFE INSIDE OF YOU.

OF COURSE you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Of course this was your first official Mother's Day. And anyone who says otherwise is a douche!!

Gucci Mama said...

You're a mom. You get to celebrate. Growing a baby isn't exactly a cake walk. ;)

sj said...

Well, I'd say that it counts...

I got two beautiful cards: one from my sister and one from my cousin.... my husband wished me a happy Mother's day around... 10 p.m. last night.

However, it was a hard day, I think, being the first one without his mom who died so suddenly in December. So I'm totally willing to cut him some slack.

I did make brunch for my mom and sisters - seafood quiche, crepes with nutella and a bakery coffee cake (come on. i couldn't make EVERYTHING myself...)

scargosun said...

You were a Mom from the point of conception. How come they don't get that? Happy Mother's Day!

deezee said...

I agree with ARE a and forever.

KAT's little sis said...

pregnancy in and of itself is hard work so yes, you deserved to be celebrated yesterday.

And tell the PH that next year, I will be sure to call and consult with him on what Mother's Day card he bought so as not to rain on his parade again!

Andy said...

I hope you don't count for the Mother's Day stuff, because that means my mother-to-be sister does, and I didn't wish her Happy Mother's Day.

Screwed either way.

Kellie said...

You definitely deserve it! You are working hard even though you may not notice it at some times. And it only gets harder (or so I've been told) so you deserve a nice treat before it gets miserable! :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Sam_I_am said...

Gosh, Andy's sister is pregnant too?? I swear it's in the water. I popped by a blog that I haven't read in a long time and she's pregnant. 3 of my friends are pregnant, the Funny Gals are pregnant.. I need to start being more careful.

Congrats on the big win though! haha

And Happy Momma-to-Be Day to both of you!! I think if Hallmark makes a card for it, we should celebrate it!