Thursday, May 06, 2010

Well, I hope they're very happy together...

I have mentioned before how-- despite my best intentions-- being married to the Pretend Husband is like being married to my father. And it seems that the more the two begin to resemble one another (in character rather than appearance), the more they prefer to spend time with their pal.

My dad mentioned he just bought a bunch of meat on sale and wanted to know when he should come over for a barbecue on our deck. I mentioned the PH is working late tonight, but said my dad could still come over and have dinner with me.

"No," Dad said. "It's more fun when the PH is there." (he actually used the PH's name this time, but sometimes does call him "The PH")

Uh, thanks, Dad. Finding out your father prefers your husband's company to yours is kind of like discovering you're not actually the favorite kid (not that I ever had that experience, but I'm sure my brother and sister felt this way when it happened to them...)

I'm really in trouble if I find out the PH feels the same way, preferring to spend time with my dad rather than me.


kk said...

my mother is the same way about Mr. KK.

Example: she invited us for dinner on Friday night. I told her I would be there, but that Mr. KK couldn't make it because he had plans. Her response: "Oh", said with much deflation and disappointment. And I'm like, "But I'll be there! And you'll see him Sunday!"

her response: "I know, but it won't be the same."

Pollyanna said...

Just wait until the grandkids come along. You think you have to take the backseat now? Ha, you'll be lucky to get a seat in the car.

Sam_I_am said...

You can let them have diaper duty together! :-)