Thursday, May 13, 2010

The dream in which the Funny Gals predict their babies' sex

So, though I've been pregnant for about 15 weeks, I haven't really dreamed about being pregnant, or about the baby.

At all.

That is, until last night. I'm not sure if it was the unhealthy nacho dinner, the gigantic side of carrots that constituted my lunch or something else entirely, but I did dream - not only about my baby, but about KAT's as well.

I dreamt that KAT and I were at the doctor's office. That doesn't seem odd, although, we don't actually have the same doctor or even the same practice. But we were both there, and there was an ultrasound in the room. So naturally, when the doctor stepped out, KAT asked me to do an ultrasound on her baby. Um. So I did. She wanted me to find out what she was having - but she didn't want me to tell her.

Right. So I did that. And then, just to be sure I was right about the sex, I opened up the pouch where she keeps the baby, and checked it out. Yep! It's a girl! We had an odd pact though, that we wouldn't let each other actually see the babies, because then we wouldn't want to put them back in their pouches so they could continue growing.

Then, KAT checked my baby out from my pouch. First she said "It's a Boy!" And I was in such shock that I didn't believe her. I had been so certain I was having a girl... and that SHE was having a boy. Then she followed it up with, "Oh, I'm just kidding! It's a girl!"

And so it came to be that KAT and I are having girls.

But we're also kangaroos, so.... you know. Grain of salt and everything.


FunnyGal KAT said...

Who is to be believed? We have both had dreams where you had a girl, but we have predicted different genders for me... that will be the mystery of the summer, I suppose.

Just tell me, did I mentioned naming my daughter "iPod?"

sj said...

wait. i think your dream was where someone had TWIN girls.... i don't think that counts.

well, you just let me know if you want me to go ahead and do an ultrasound for you. i'm willing to do whatever it takes. that's what friends are for.

(and no, you didn't actually name the baby in my dream.... but, i'll take better notes in the future)

Sarah said...

I never, ever had a baby-related dream while I was pregnant. I did, however, start dreaming about trying to breastfeed cats (!) about two weeks before the baby arrived. Go figure.

Sam_I_am said...

you two and your dreamin'! Just take a ring and tie it to a string, hold it over ur belly, if it goes in a circle, it's a girl, straight line- boy. It's foolproof! :-D

sj said...

Sarah, I'm quite certain that at this rate, my dreams will end up equally wacky. I'm not sure where this baby dream came from, but I think it was my mind's way of preparing me for being totally wrong about my instincts.

Sam - we DID THAT! although, not with a ring. We used a needle and thread. We've done it multiple times on me - always a circle. With Kristen's I believe it was harder to tell, but I think it looked like a boy.