Wednesday, February 03, 2010

This explains the bags under my eyes this morning...

Dear Molly & Casey,
You two are relatively small dogs. You weigh less than 20 pounds each and can both fit in my lap at the same time.

So, how then, do you manage to take up so much of the bed Dad and I sleep in? It's a queen-size bed, which should be plenty of room for two adults and two small dogs. I've watched closely and I still can't figure out how you two each manage to take up three times the area of your body.

Molly, sorry about that kick to your head this morning. But, really, I think it was only partially my fault. I also blame your dad for being savvy enough to take up most of his half of the bed so you and Casey sprawl out on mine. And, oh yeah, I blame you for putting your head in a space that is very clearly meant for my feet.

I think we can make this work. But you two need to try to stay within your allotted space and I will try to keep my feet from kicking you in the head.

Love, Mom

P.S. Don't even get me started on when I get up to go to the bathroom and you two move up onto my pillow. I don't know if you guys expect that I will willingly trade places by curling up at the foot of my own bed, but that is so not going to happen.


kk said...

I'm pretty sure it's in their genes. Vito does the EXACT same thing.

And we have a KING. And one 15 pound dog. That is DEAD WEIGHT when he's sleeping. Like, immovable.

It's ridiculous.

I wake up with a sore back every morning.

Kelli said...

I too blame the hubs. Why are they allowed their full half, relegating me to share my half, leaving me with maybe 25% of the bed?
Not fair.
Not fair at all.

Sam_I_am said...

My dogs weigh 160 combined and C takes up 2/3 of the bed and they take up 1/2 of what's left. I'm going to start sleeping in the living room