Wednesday, November 04, 2009

We are living in a material world, and I have unfortunately packed all of mine.

Oh my god, you guys! I'm moving in 9 days!

The whirlwind that has been my selling and buying is nearly done, but I will not actually exhale until this pony has left the stable. Because if you think I'm paranoid, well. You know me really well.

We've been very slowly packing our house up room by room for the past four weeks, and we're coming down to the wire. And by wire I mean "all of the crap that wouldn't easily go in boxes." I also mean: "that scary box in the basement I'm afraid to open because I found a dead mouse right next to it."

In the process of moving and packing, I've had to do some cleaning.
And by cleaning, I mean:

Serious overhaul:

Thank god this process is almost done. (Did you hear that? It was the sound of me knocking on wood for six weeks. My knuckles are totally sore.)

Although, one thing I've learned. It is much easier to keep your house super clean when all of your stuff has really been packed away into a storage unit. I'm hoping that it also feels like Christmas (but won't actually BE Christmas) when I unpack it all.


sj's mom said...

Ok that before picture soooooo reminded me of your room when you left it and moved up the street It took me weeks to bag and pack everything! So glad you took a picture of that room Love the new one! Lets see what happens when you move to such a huge space with a place for everything!! Keep up the organizing!!

FunnyGal KAT said...

I can say from experience, sj's mom, that having a space for everything doesn't necessarily mean everything will end up in the *right* space! But it's still nice to know everything could be put away if only I had the motivation.

And SJ, go easy on those knuckles. Remember, you have stellar counsel on your side-- he will make sure everything goes smoothly, even if he has to crack some heads to make it happen.

Pollyanna said...

It always takes way more boxes than you think in order to move all your stuff. I hated using one box for a lampshade, but you can't really put much in with it or it would get crushed. And books, ug! Five zillion small boxes . . .

Best of luck in the next couple of weeks!

Paige said...

I cannot even fathom moving at this point. No way. I am getting new floors though, and if anything has to go outside to get that done, it aint coming back in.

Guess there will be a lot of crap in the yard. Good thing I live in the country

Andy said...

Sweet Jesus that was messy. Did you go on Clean Sweep?

Moving is so chaotic, and yet there's nothing like moving all your stuff into a new place. It's very refreshing, invigorating and... yeah it still sucks. But, hey, new place!

sj said...

In the interest of full disclosure, it was particularly messy in that photo because it was in the midst of cleaning out our closets and both rooms upstairs. We also used that room as a dumping ground for all of the stuff from the first floor as we cleaned from the bottom up.

But, I'm VERY excited to have an actual full attic and an actual full basement and tons of closets and... s..p..a..c..e


And I've announced it before, but I'll say it again: I have the best real estate attorney ever.

Soda and Candy said...

Yay! It's exciting moving. Still, I'm kinda glad I never have to do it again.