Monday, November 02, 2009

Taking all the fun out of Halloween with my whiny recap

* I worked on Halloween night. Which means while all of you were dressing up, handing out candy, going to parties and generally enjoying the holiday, I was reading news about how traffic fatalities increase when Halloween falls on a weekend, how people could guard against getting the swine flu from trick-or-treaters (put candy into the kids' bags yourself instead of letting them reach into the bowl...) and how to clean up your property to avoid having people hurt themselves and then sue. It kind of took the fun out of the day.

* My dad and the Pretend Husband manned our door, handing out candy to the 20 kids who braved the weather, the swine flu and our treacherous yard to make it to them. But they were rewarded because we handed out full size candy bars this year. Congrats to us for avoiding having our house or cars egged for at least the next year!

* The PH was the one who answered the door while Dad tried to keep the dogs wrangled. My dad commented that the PH was great with the kids, chatting with them and complimenting them on their costumes. Since that doesn't exactly sound like the PH, I asked him about it and he said, "I told them, 'Here you go' when I gave them the candy and then told them to have a good night." Not exactly stellar conversation.

* My sister had 250 trick-or-treaters visit her house! She had originally been prepared for 100 but luckily heard from a neighbor that the neighborhood is a popular one, so she ran out and had enough candy for everyone who showed up. At one point, she opened her door to 40 costumed lined up from the road to her porch!

* What is the deal with parents who collect candy? Kat's lil sis said she had at least five mothers who pointed to their six-month-olds sitting in strollers and said, "I'm collecting candy for them." Um, no. Be honest. And buy your own candy.


C said...

My daughter went out trick or treating for the first time this year. She's 18 months old, and we went to three houses, which I felt really guilty about, but they were my neighbors who all love her and it was more to show off her costume. I felt wrong going anywhere else for the exact reason you mentioned.

The phenomena we noticed this year was the parents in the lexus SUV's driving their kids from house to house (all of twenty feet), but then skipping some houses. What the hell is that about??? Initially we were offended, but then, I don't want to give candy to anyone who cannot embrace the spirit of Halloween!

FunnyGal KAT said...

Don't get me wrong, C. I love a little kid in costume and would gladly give them candy knowing it was going to their parent. But these weren't neighborhood kids my sister knew and the lack of effort was astounding (I don't think the babies were even in costume...)

As for snobby parents skipping certain houses, well, more candy leftover for me, I guess!

Stephanie said...

Full size candy bars? You have never been more beautiful to me than you are at this moment.

dzee said...

great neighbors think alike: Full size candy bars. Buy lots and if the kids don't come, you get to eat the leftovers. Its a tough job but someone has to do it.

sj said...

We also gave our full size candy bars, but it worked out a little differently. A) We weren't home - so we just took them with us to give to my nephews, etc. B) We only had 12 of them because J waited until the last possible minute and only went to CVS - so he bought them from the rack in front of the cash register.