Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy ThanksChristmasGiving, everyone!

So, I hope you're not really jealous, Internet, that KAT and I now live within a really long and exhausting but not so far that it's not doable walking distance from each other.

How amazing is that, right? And only slightly further from us is the lovely and amazing home improvement mistress of all that is power tool related: SRG.

It's fabulous, I tell you. Every day I come home from work and am struck a) by how freaking dark it is and b) by the fact that I have a coat closet.

And, as of Saturday, a WASHER AND DRYER that SING TO ME. Oh yes.

It's the little things, folks. I've been forbidden from doing all of the updating I really want to do - which is mainly, things like paint, new light fixtures and carpet. It's not like I'm knocking down walls like we did last time. And I'm totally on board with taking our time re: furniture and such.

But don't make a girl stare at ugly brass fixtures for too long. Or this:

Ugliest crown molding you ever did see. I am itching to paint, but I'm forbidden until we can fully agree on.. everything.

Which is sad for me, because it obviously means I'm never going to paint. Woe to me.

But not really sad woe. Because I still have room to put up three Christmas trees during this week of ThanksChristmasgiving. And for that, and a thousand other things that have to do with my new house, my awesome friends and family that helped me unpack, I am eternally grateful.

And for those of you that are wondering, the dinner count stands at:
me and J over KAT's house the night before closing
KAT and the PH coming over Friday to help us unpack and celebrate
dinner with the KAT and PH on Sunday
and then dinner at their house again on Wednesday (we didn't get our new oven yet, and KAT obviously missed us)
KAT and the PH over our house yesterday to celebrate the new oven.
And we have plans for going over there on Wednesday.

Also, we may or may not have met them at Target and we may or may not have also had ice cream with them on Saturday night. For dinner.

With all of this increase in the social calendar, our neighborhood shall be revitalized in no time. Although, since I have yet to see a neighbor, I wonder if they realize that they're in need of revitalization?

Just you wait, B-town. KAT and sj are coming with crockpots to a neighborhood near you.


Dr Zibbs said...

That is odd.

Srg said...

I'm still wondering what those people were thinking when they put up that trim. Personally I'd love to take a crowbar to each of those little accent pieces and pop them off one by one! I'm a sick, twisted soul, I know.

Oh and crockpots are always welcome at my house!

FunnyGal KAT said...

Wait, do we have to start including the neighbors in our dinners?!? I'm sure your husband will have something to say about that!

That photo doesn't even do justice to the hideousness that is that room. It's horrible. Actually, if it had just the red and blue walls or just the gold trim, it probably wouldn't be too bad. It's the mish-mosh of looks that makes it hard to be in the room without your eyes tearing up!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kat....I will come over with my wide angle lens and take a photo to show its justice.
That room is so odd......

I guess I need to move now.
However... you are still about the same 'time' away- not sure on distance.. I have never clocked it..milege wise But I will.

Soda and Candy said...

Uuuuuugghhh, you MUST paint over that blue orange and gold monstrosity ASAP.

I know because I have lived with a (similar but shinier & horribler) blue on our bedroom walls for far too long and it is destroying my soul.