Monday, November 30, 2009

Or, Option C: I'm hotter than even I realized.

Running from one job to the other on Friday, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for anything that would get me through the rest of my 15-hour day. I walked in wearing a grey fleece, jeans and my black leather boots. Now, these boots are the kind with a pointy toe and a tall, thin heel that have been called my-- uh-- "make love to me" boots (kids, never mind what that means. And kids, why are you reading this blog? I'm sometime embarrassed to have SJ's mom reading my stuff, let alone small children!)

Anyway, the boots are pretty awesome and were also pretty much covered up by my jeans (and did I mentioned I was wearing a drab, gray fleece?) So, I'm standing at the counter and I hear a man say, "Those are nice boots." I turn around and find a guy in a fraying sweatshirt and baggy jeans with a big gut and his 10-year-old son standing next to him. Seeing as how his son was there, I simply answered, "Thank you" and turned back around.

But, seriously, what was that about? I think we have a couple of options here. Option A: This guy, despite his complete lack of fashion sense in his own wardrobe, is a connoisseur of women's fashion and truly appreciated my choice of footwear for the day. Option B: Despite the presence of his 10-year-old son and the fact that there was nothing else appealing about what I was wearing, he was drawn in by my fantastic-- uh-- "make love to me" boots and couldn't resist commenting on them. Either way, it was creepy (not that I would stop wearing the boots or anything, but still, it was creepy.)


Dr Zibbs said...

Hi. I'm a small child.

What does that mean?

Naaa. It's really me. Dr Zibbs.

Soda and Candy said...

Some guys just have to say something, anything just to create an opening to a conversation, and they do it with every female person they encounter, to better the odds of it working.

Or you looked incredibly hot!

Let's go with that!

; )

kk said...

D) not only (C) but also the fact that he's a douche bag.

(sorry, kids!)

Sam_I_am said...

i'd say that maybe he is gay and that wasnt his child, but gay men w fashion sense dress much better than that.

Srg said...

Yeah - creepy. Please don't tell me that happened at the DD in our town.