Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Five years! A list about my beloved, strange but not estranged spouse

Way back when KAT and her beloved were checking themselves for ticks (October 8), I hit a little milestone I like to call my fifth wedding anniversary.

I don't talk about him all that much on this here blog - but I thought I'd use this opportunity to pledge my undying love and affection.

Or you know, list some qualities about my crazy beloved and what makes him that way (my beloved, not necessarily the crazy part).

1) He hates having his picture taken, but believes that by closing his eyes, he's somehow hiding from the camera.
2) He takes a nap every day when he gets home from work. Which really just kind of makes me jealous.
3) He can do multiplication with two and three digit numbers AND long division in his head. It fascinates me, since I'm a word person and not a numbers person.
4) He reads books about our founding fathers. They are interspersed with his growing collection of sport magazines that have something to do with fishing.
5) He makes me grilled cheese sandwiches when I am sick.
6) He is a vicious card player but does not ALWAYS beat me in poker.
7) He is very witty and sarcastic, and can hold his own amidst any crowd - even though he hates meeting new people.
8) He has interesting taste in music which includes a lot of rap and hip hop, Johnny Cash - and the Dropkick Murphy's.
9) He is the worst speller/former of sentences ever. He was put in charge of one thing when we were planning our wedding: call the reception hall. The conversation began with him saying: "I'm thinking about having a wedding...?"
10) He has big plans to learn to build things with wood. He watches an awful lot of This Old House and buys a lot of wood. But so far, these are just plans.

Things have been a bit crazy for us lately as we are selling our house, and buying a new one (a process which hopefully wraps up in 18 days or so). But I didn't want the month to go by without a little shout out to that lucky man who I duped into marrying me so many years ago.


FunnyGal KAT said...

It's no wonder your husband is such good friends with mine-- the PH is also horrible at forming sentences sometimes (he makes words up...)

You alluded to it, but one of my favorite qualities in your husband is his ability to be sitting quietly playing Setback one moment and then come out with one of the funniest (and usually most inappropriate) jokes ever. That guy is zero to 60, I tell ya.

Pollyanna said...

This is so funny. My husband is good with the numbers AND the spelling. He drives me nuts because he's always "editing" my blog. I don't mind him pointing out a spelling error, but the grammer is the way it is because that's how I talk. It's not a business letter for crying out loud. Sorry, that was a little rant-ish.

Congrats on the five years!

Srg said...

Belated congrats on your five-year anniversary!

sj's mom said...

Five years is a milestone and congrats on that and many more! I hope the two of you spend time together in that huge new house! Wood projects are good....maybe something in the way of furniture.Dad built me a little sewing table for our first year and had it for more than 25 years later! And now for our 40th I got a whole new room for my sewing collection!