Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some marketing person thinks I'm old

It happened. A J. Jill catalog came in the mail yesterday. This morning, I started flipping through it. And while some of their stuff is nice, I guess, I am definitely not in their preferred demographic. Because, for example, I'm not 40 and planning to live at our summer home at the Hamptons for three months. So there's no reason for me to have "shimmer linen cropped pants" and "Wearever tunics" and "raffia totes." Especially not at J. Jill prices.

Being a J. Jill target, on top of the Lands End and LL Bean catalogs I've been getting lately, has started to get me down a bit. I'm not quite ready for high-rise mom jeans. No, I don't need summer white denim with flowy cardigans, perfect for those cool evenings by the ocean. And I see no need for sensible shoes when chasing after the little ones (partly because of the lack of "little ones" and partly because I'm still in a "completely insensible but totally cute" shoe phase)

And I wondered what purchase I made lately that tipped off J. Jill that I'm rapidly approaching the age where $139 linen tunics seem like a good idea. But, just as I started to feel too old, I flipped over the catalog. It is addressed to the Pretend Husband. I'll just put it right over here next to his latest membership offer from AARP.


Sam_I_am said...

haha. I got an AARP membership offer when I was 18. It was beneficial to the AARP though, because my parents signed up.

BeckEye said...

It could be worse. It could've been a Chadwick's of Boston catalog.

Nikki said...

I got a magazine from Drapers & Damon's. No idea why, but their clothes are def not for 20 somethings!

Geiger Girl said...

Ha! That's awesome! Love that its addressed to PH.

sj said...

wow. that's hilarious.

almost as bad as coldwater creek, dude.

btw - our vacation planning blog post is coming soon, except that we haven't quite figured out where we're going yet.

but it does involve the casino on sunday night.

Soda and Candy said...


One day I will actually be able to wear that kind of stuff but yeah the day is not here yet. I still can't go anywhere I know my mum loves like Coldwater Creek or Liz Claiborne.

kk said...

my husband gets AARP crap all the time! it's hilarious, especially since he's younger than I am! ;)