Monday, April 27, 2009

If you see my brain, please send it my way. I need it for work.

I've had some forgetful and less-than-graceful moments lately. Nothing big enough to be blog-worthy, but they have been adding up. And then last night happened. The blog-worthy brain fart!

Yesterday was a hot and beautiful day, the kind of day that prompted me to open all my car windows, including the sun roof, on the way home from my soccer game. And I left them all open when I got home because I thought I'd be going out again. And later, when the Pretend Husband and I got home from a walk with the dogs, I had it in the back of my head to close the car windows, but I got distracted by the arrival of kat's lil bro (you can see how I'm setting this all up to be "not my fault," right?)

So, anyway, I was working on my laptop last night shortly after the PH headed to bed with the same illness I had last week when it started raining. Like, really raining. Thunder, lightning and that special kind of pounding rain that is so awesome to listen to from a comfortable chair. I yelled up to the PH to close the windows in our bedroom and then went back to work. About half an hour later, the PH yelled down to ask me if I had closed my car windows earlier (the guy's sick and half asleep and still has a better memory than me!)

Curse words trailing behind me, I ran out into the pouring rain in a T-shirt and shorts, armed with a towel, and managed to get into my car and close the windows... just in time to prevent more than an inch of water to accumulate in the cup holder. I am such an idiot.

(I dried everything off before I went back into the house and the car seems fine. My husband on the other hand? I think he's a little worried about me. And he didn't buy it when I tried to convince him leaving his sneakers out on the front steps was way worse than my leaving the windows open. He mumbled something about a $20 pair of sneakers versus a $20,000 car and went to bed.)


Stephanie said...

I imagine that your brain is partying and doing illicit drugs with mine, and that together they came up with not only your little, um, *incident* but they also decided together that I could fly, as in on an airplane, and walk, as in through several airports, on my own with my children. My very tiny but mischievous children.

Our brains are totally fired. And not allowed to hang out together until they apologize and promise to behave better in the future.

Srg said...

That's awful and funny at the same time. Ya know we had no idea it was raining either until our DirecTV connection died on us due to the rain fade. Right in the middle of a Nat Geo special on the baby mammoth that was found in the Russian tundra. And it didn't stop raining until after the show was already over. Freakin' mother nature!

Soda and Candy said...

Ohh, that's terrible. Could be worse - I've seen convertibles parked in the rain with the top down... I guess it's like a spa once it fills up?

Sam_I_am said...

I never leave my car windows open, even if I'm going back out in 20 minutes, because I'd probably get distracted, not go and totally forget my car. lol.

Geiger Girl said...

Aww poor PH getting the plague too!

I love how you tried to convince him that he was equally at fault with leaving his shoes outside. You rock! And all's well that ends well, right? ;)

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Happens to me all the time!....and no, it's not your fault!