Friday, March 13, 2009

SJ's List: Things that Failed this Week

I'm tired and cranky, but somewhat appeased by a fantastic bagel, and taking a minute out of my day to confess that I've been out there, lurking on your sites, and not commenting. Sorry, Interweb.

But in hopes of entertaining with my misfortune, I have compiled a list of things that failed this week.

1) My spelling of the word "week." I've corrected it from wek at least 14 times so far in this post.
2) My ability to comment on various blogs, including Andy's, Sam's, Muffy's - just to name a couple. Or wait. That's more than two. Just to name a threesome, then. I've totally lurked... hit the comment button and then: Brain Fail.
3) Time. I had nothing to do with this. Time failed me. Or daylight lose an hour of sleepness. Whichever.
4) Sleep also failed me.
5) The ending to last night's Grey's Anatomy. FAIL.
6) My ability to slam a door in someone's face. FAIL. Because I don't have one.
7) My rule of not staying past 7 at work.
8) My strict I'm Going to Mexico diet.
9) My intentions of restarting my pilates routine.
10) My plan to clean my extra room and start sewing.

So yeah, this was, on the whole, an unsuccessful week. However, we may end on a positive note, since KAT and I will be bonding over tacos and setback tonight. I know. I bet you wish you were with us. We wish that too. I'd invite you over, but it's not my house.

I hope that next week will be better for all of us. It's already looking up, what with it not being an hour shorter and all.

OH! AND! This weekend I will have an important annoucement. It has to do with... babies.


Soda and Candy said...


I can't concentrate on the rest of the post now.

I am sorry you haven't had much sleep though. I blame the economy.

TishTash said...

I hope it's not kidnapping babies. People tend to frown upon that.

Srg said...

Considering you said "babies" and not "baby", I assuming you aren't talking about human babies....

In my best Dr. Evil impersonation - "Need the INFO!"

Nanc Twop said...


Strict diet?

You're not starting on that lo-carb, all-cannibal diet are you?

FunnyGal KAT said...

Oooh, srg, I think you might be on to something... good deductions skills, my friend.

I would invite you all over for tacos and Setback, too, but it's not my house. Oh wait, it IS my house, but you all live too far away. But you're invited... especially if you bring vodka.

Sam_I_am said...

Tacos are a good diet. Eat enough and you'll spend enough time in the bathroom that your weigh will plummet. :-)

Babies?? My co-worker's daughter just found out that she is pregnant 6 months before her wedding. Is it a baby trend??

Doug Ross and Carol were back last night!!

Lou said...

Some weeks are just like that.

jal12771 said...

I LOVE TACOS! But is a no meat Friday for me....
Love Vodka too :-)

SJ-- BABIES... too cute. wonder if mom will read your post and get it?

Momma Bear said...

Ugh! I hate weeks like that. Hope next week is better for you...

Babies? Why do you tease us like that? Now I'll be stalking your blog. lol

M said...

I have been absent for far too long and I need to know what all the baby talk is about so spill the beans SJ!

hautepocket said...

Babies? Now you have me terrified.

Hope next week is better. If you want, I can Fedex over my diarrhea dogs for some extra company.