Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, dude! And some other stuff.

Actually, it's not the blog's birthday.

It's my bloggy friend Pat's birthday. His *30th* birthday - which is kind of a big deal.

So if you get a chance, please endear him with happy birthday wishes and assure him that he is not old, particularly because every time he says that, it makes me feel older.

Pat, here's my gift to you:

What's that, you ask? What did I do this weekend? Well, I had fun. It involved singing Irish folk songs, singing karaoke (badly) after with my friend Henry (Pictured below. He's single, ladies. Just saying. Quite the catch. And totally made me look almost good at karaoke.) and some other fabulous friends and I topped it all off with a fun New Haven adventure that involved Frank Pepe's pizza *and* seeing dinosaurs (the Peabody museum at Yale).

All in all - good times.


Nikki said...

It's so unfair that you got to sing with a cutey. I got to drink with a mountain man. That's fun right?!

And your captcha called me a lamereu. Insulting your readers?

sj said...

nikki! drinking with a mountain man? if your mountain man is like... the bear grylls, it's cool.

and i have no idea how we accidentally turned on "yoda speak" for word ver. amazing it is.

:P (you're awesome. not lame. honest.)

Phat Mama said...

He's adorable. And I'm all for any man that can make me sound good at karaoke!

Nikki said...

Yes, my mountain man is very similar but he is like a super massive mountain man and he makes everything seem so warm. I would totally marry him except I'm pretty sure I would have to live in a tree for a month as some sort of test and I dn't wanna.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Those cupcakes are too cute! Did you make those?

sj said...

i did, muffy! those were for my little nephew's first birthday...

i am slightly obsessed with the baking of cupcakes.

Sam_I_am said...

Seeing you have a cupcake obsession, what are you doing the week on June 15? Because I am totally considering baking 300 cupcakes for my wedding, because I'm INSANE like that! lol

I just read your comment on my 100th post and I was just thinking about Pudding Pops yesterday, so either I mentioned it somewhere, or you and I are blogically connected. Creepy, huh? :-)