Monday, January 05, 2009

I'd like to thank the Academy... and Sam

I won an award! I'm so honored... although I suspect that this one will be a particular challenge.

I won this:

Which is totally awesome. Thank you, Sam! I heart you and your awesome blog...

But there are rules to follow, kids, so I can't get ahead of myself. I have to do these things:

A) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap."

This is going to be tricky, because I have been telling you all too much about myself for a long time now. What could you *possibly* not know?

well, let's give it a whirl, shall we?

SJ's 10 Honest Confessions
1) I am a nester, a packrat and a mess. I accumulate crap so much - I have no idea where it all comes from. But I collect things in piles, and when I clean, I tend to go in the opposite direction and trash large amounts of things (though not blindly, because I also tend to take DAYS to fill two garbage bags).

2) I am terrified of being alone at night -- and being alone in general. When j is traveling, I keep the light on downstairs, and usually can't fall asleep without a few glasses of wine. While I would never remarry, I would likely have a string of bad relationships. I say this based on previous experience.

3) I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I don't plan to stay in my current field beyond the next two years. I'm hoping my next job allows me to work in sweat pants and on my couch.

4) I am a fairly private person -- well, you know... except for all of the crap I spill on the blog. But I can count on one hand the people that know my deepest, darkest thoughts and secrets. I am afraid of any one person knowing me too well, so I tend to share only small pieces of things to those five.

5) If a can of frosting is left in the fridge, I will eat it. Ergo, I only make homemade frosting.

6) I have a deep and passionate lust for DVF clothing, though my closet is limited to just one dress and one skirt. But my closet bursts forth with another 12 black dresses, 4 black skirts, and another half dozen shirt dresses of varying color and pattern.

7) I have used the power of my cleavage to my advantage, and I likely will again.

8) I am easily grated by people who claim to be addicted to exercise. In fact, I can't stand those people.

9) I hate meeting new people, and have intense anxiety about going to new places and being forced to mingle. I'd prefer to pluck out every single one of my eyelashes.

10) I cannot drink out of a bottle that someone else is drinking out of -- no matter who it is. The idea of drinking someone's backwash is enough to turn my stomach.

And now I must tag and offer this award up to 7 deserving bloggy buddies... which is tricky. Because some of my favorite people to tag have already been tagged a million times. So, I'm going to emphasize new and old favorite bloggers worthy of such an award:

Geiger Girl
KAT (is it cheating if I tag my co-blogger? I submit not.)


SouthernBelle said...

Haha, I'm the same with packratting.

I keep things I'm supposed to feel an emotional attachment to, but I'm actually not that sentimental about many things (noted exception: Lamby the stuffed lamb) so I end up throwing away particular stashes all at once.

Andy said...

I wish I had cleavage so I could use it to my advantage. Oh well. Congrats on the award. You and KAT might just want to check my blog tomorrow.

Stephanie said...

Yay! Thank you! I'll be completing my assigned task tomorrow. For now, just let me agree with you that those people who claim to be addicted to exercise? Really need to be strangled with a jump rope. Seriously.

Sam_I_am said...

If someone told me that they were addicted to exercise, I would say "well, I'm addicted to my lazy-boy and netflix account, so who has more fun?"

Sam_I_am said...

oh yeah, and it's not cheating to tag KAT. I was going to tag you guys collectively, but I figured you'd need SEVEN people to tag, so I didn't tag KAT so that you could. So, therefore, it's not cheating.

Oh, and you're fab too!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Oh No!! This is going to be tricky! I'll give it my best shot!

Thanks for the AWARD!

TishTash said...

I'm sorry SJ, but SB already got to me, the minx. Count me in next time.

And I'm totally with you on 1,3,4,8 and 9. And if I had any, I'd be number sevening it too.

Geiger Girl said...

Oh dear! I had commented on this blog ages ago, and it's not here. I'm having malfunctions with my blogger. SUCKY!

Just wanted to jump on here and say thanks for awarding me, I have no idea what to say! I'll be working on it soooon. Really!

Also. I think we were separated at birth. Can I just copy and paste your blog?! <3