Thursday, November 20, 2008

What, us? Competitive?

As it happened, Kat's lil sis and my good friend, Mrs. Matt, were pregnant at the same time and due only six days apart. So it was natural that would ask me how the other was doing, how much weight they had gained, etc.

And I wouldn't be named FunnyGal KAT if I didn't have a little fun with it, right?

So I kind of enjoyed filling in Lil Sis about Mrs. Matt's perfect pregnancy. She actually lost weight at the beginning of her pregnancy while Lil Sis was beefing up. And when Lil Sis was suffering from swollen ankles and all sorts of other maladies, Mrs. Matt had a cute little bump and no discernible weight gain anywhere else.

Lil Sis figured that since she was way more miserable (and due first), it was only right she have her baby before Mrs. Matt had hers. So, when I told her Mrs. Matt had given birth the day before, her response was "That little f#^&er!" (Actually, Mrs. Matt hadn't given birth-- she had only told me to tell Lil Sis good luck with her delivery and I translated it... hee hee!)

And it didn't help matters that Lil Sis spent 11 hours in labor while Mrs. Matt was in the delivery room for nine whole minutes (which she describes as "the most painful nine minutes I've ever felt..." but I've noticed she only says that when other mothers aren't around!) Yeah, Lil Sis is a little miffed at Mrs. Matt and her perfect pregnancy, delivery and child. So, of course we had to capitalize on that.

Last night, shortly after Lil Sis arrived at my dad's house with the best nephew in the world, I told her I had recently talked to Mrs. Matt (keep in mind these kids are 10 weeks old and their greatest trick at this point is smiling...)

KAT: "Mrs. Matt was asking about Peyton, how much he weighs and what he's doing."

Lil Sis: "What's her daughter doing?"

KAT: "She's close to rolling over and Mrs. Matt thinks she might start crawling in the next few weeks."

Lil Sis: "Well, they say boys don't develop as quickly as girls..."

KAT: "And she doesn't quite say 'Mama' yet, but she's been saying, 'Mmmmmmaaaaa..."

Lil Sis: "Oh my gosh, Mrs. Matt has, like, a genius child!"

Yeah, I'd say Lil Sis is still pissed about the nine minute delivery...


Sam_I_am said...

I bet your sis thinks you're funny too. ;-)

my friend had her second baby in SIX minutes. She musta just launched outta there.

Charming Lamb said...

You are such a stinker! A girl after my own heart. I love it!

- C - said...

yeah but doesn't your sisters baby have really big balls or something? I just making that up?

FunnyGal KAT said...

No, C, you're not making that up. Peyton is known for, ahem, showing up for the game with enough balls for everyone, so to speak. So at least he wins there.

Andy said...

That's hilarious. Competitive birthing... Oh and there is another Top Model post up after your popular demand.

Srg said...

Well this post made me feel glad that no one I knew was pregnant at the same time i was. I'm competitive by nature, so couple that with the pg hormones and i would have been a crazy lunatic around other pg women!